How we calculated Raiseway's Global Total Addressable Market

Posted at 7/28/2023

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To calculate Global #TotalAddressableMarket, we needed to understand how much Raiseway will charge users in each country.

We developed a global parity-pricing model to figure that out.

According to our most recent calculations, our yearly Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in the US will be $575, accounting for churn.

(^This isn't exactly right, we need to update the model. When we do, the TAM numbers will move by a n million, not sure which direction. 🤡 )



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CfPA Commuity's thoughts on RaiseWay's Crowdfunding Campaign Management Toolkit

Peter Rostovsky Peter Rostovsky
Posted at 3/28/2023

Hi everyone! Together with my co-founder - Josh McSorley - and we are building a tool to make investment crowdfunding easy for businesses raising capital.

In this 3-min Loom Video I cover our task manager view.

What do you think? Thank you so much to everyone who shares their thoughts! In the next videos we can cover:

  • AI Campaign Assistant
  • Investor Relationship Manager
  • Funding Portal Selector

Click here to join the early access waitlist here - alpha version shall be released on April 15th!

I would sincerely appreciate it if you shared this with any business looking to raise capital with crowdfunding on a tight budget.

Thank you,

Peter Rostovsky

Co-Founder & CEO of RaiseWay

Member of BoD of CfPA



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CrowdBanking -The Future of Finance

Samson Williams Samson Williams
Posted at 12/11/2021

The following article was written as part of a keynote I gave for a Banking and Payments Conference in Africa, to introduce Bankers to the art of the possible in the banking and payments industry. 


“General Partners (GPs) crowdfund from Limited Partners (LPs).” - Samson Williams 

As a financial anthropologist, I find Humans in Venture Capital fascinating. The humans in Venture Capital (VC) are different from the culture of Venture Capital. Yes, humans do come together to build and create the culture of VC. But individually they are unique, and able to operate and make independent decisions without regard to so-called cultural norms. I bring this up because one of the odd relics of VC culture is that nearly universally, these otherwise independent and autonomous humans engaged in Venture Capital, fall victim to a cancerous myth of VC culture. What is that myth of VC lore? The strongly held misconception that crowdfunding is a resource only for businesses who can’t secur...more

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