Hi everyone! Together with my co-founder - Josh McSorley - and we are building a tool to make investment crowdfunding easy for businesses raising capital.

In this 3-min Loom Video I cover our task manager view.

What do you think? Thank you so much to everyone who shares their thoughts! In the next videos we can cover:

  • AI Campaign Assistant
  • Investor Relationship Manager
  • Funding Portal Selector

Click here to join the early access waitlist here - alpha version shall be released on April 15th!

I would sincerely appreciate it if you shared this with any business looking to raise capital with crowdfunding on a tight budget.

Thank you,

Peter Rostovsky

Co-Founder & CEO of RaiseWay

Member of BoD of CfPA


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Brian Christie Brian Christie Mar 28

Looks like a valuable way to standardize the process of getting a business "platform" ready for a crowdfunding raise. To the extent you can make this a clean and simple process for issuers, it should also bring down the cost and therefore make it accessible to lots and lots of small businesses.

Peter Rostovsky Peter Rostovsky Mar 28

That's very much the goal - lowering the barrier to entry for anyone who can't hire a $1000/consultant + marketing agency

Peter Rostovsky Peter Rostovsky Mar 28

Thank you!