Hi everyone! Together with my co-founder - Josh McSorley - and we are building a tool to make investment crowdfunding easy for businesses raising capital.

In this 3-min Loom Video I cover our task manager view.

What do you think? Thank you so much to everyone who shares their thoughts! In the next videos we can cover:

  • AI Campaign Assistant
  • Investor Relationship Manager
  • Funding Portal Selector

Click here to join the early access waitlist here - alpha version shall be released on April 15th!

I would sincerely appreciate it if you shared this with any business looking to raise capital with crowdfunding on a tight budget.

Thank you,

Peter Rostovsky

Co-Founder & CEO of RaiseWay

Member of BoD of CfPA


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Brian Christie Brian Christie 3/28/2023

Looks like a valuable way to standardize the process of getting a business "platform" ready for a crowdfunding raise. To the extent you can make this a clean and simple process for issuers, it should also bring down the cost and therefore make it accessible to lots and lots of small businesses.

Peter Rostovsky Peter Rostovsky 3/28/2023

That's very much the goal - lowering the barrier to entry for anyone who can't hire a $1000/consultant + marketing agency

Peter Rostovsky Peter Rostovsky 3/28/2023

Thank you!