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  • Belle Business Services, LLC answered January 12

    Does Belle Business Services provide bookkeeping services and if so, how much does it usually cost for a typical start-up / small business?

    Hi! Thank you for your question. Yes, we do offer bookkeeping services for start ups and small businesses. We  typically charge $50/hour plus any costs incurred (ie: if you’re looking to have QuickBooks Online, we would bill you our cost). For most of our small start-ups, we can typically do th... more

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  • Brian Belley
    Brian Belley answered 12/11/2021

    Thought about taxes... I invest in 20 companies with $100/$250....15 go to zero. I hear I can't write it off on my taxes! Is this possible? Kurt

    I'm not a tax advisor, but you might want to look into Section 1244 losses and if you might qualify.

    At the very least, your losses should qualify as capital losses, similar to if you bought a stock and it wen... more

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  • Brian Belley
    Brian Belley answered 12/11/2021

    i can't access my republic account.Something about authrecator code number.

    This means that you enabled Two Factor authentication (2FA) as an additional security measure for logging in to your account. You need the Google Authenticator app on your phone to get the 2FA coffee required to log in. 

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  • Brian Belley
    Brian Belley answered 11/18/2021

    What are key differences between a Crowdfunding SAFE and a "Traditional" SAFE?

    For the complete answer we drafted to answer this, please read our complete blog post on Traditional SAFE vs. Crowdfunding SAFE.

    A brief summary of some of the key differences include:

    1. Crowdfunding SAFEs may have optional conversions: in some crowdfunding SAFEs (such as Republic’s Crowd Safe), sh... more

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  • Jenny Kassan
    Jenny Kassan answered 11/17/2021

    What reporting requirements do issuers have to their crowdfunding investors AFTER they've completed a financing?

    The issuer must post on its website an annual report along with its financial statements certified by the principal executive officer of the issuer to be true and complete in all material respects and a description of the financial condition of the issuer. 

    If, however, an issuer has available ... more

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  • Sara Hanks
    Sara Hanks answered 10/8/2021

    Can a crowdfunding portal "curate" opportunities or must they accept any company willing to list on their portal?

    A platform can set parameters for the type of company and offering it will accept. And then it can (indeed, must) deny access if it believes there is potential for fraud or if the issuer has not complied with the regs. Put those together and most platforms have the ability to filter out the types of... more

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  • Who does the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) represent in the industry?

    The CfPA represents a range of stakeholders in the crowdfunding industry including investors, issuers, intermediaries (/crowdfunding portals), and the growing community of service providers (e.g. accountants, lawyers, analytics firms, marketing and communications firms).

    In order for the industry to... more

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  • Sherwood Neiss
    Sherwood Neiss answered 8/16/2021

    What kind of data and analytics is available in the crowdfunding industry?

    Hi. We've been collecting data on Regulation Crowdfunding since the launch of the industry in May, 2016. As of last year, this data is being transmitted daily to Bloomberg for industry analysis and investment opportunities. Our dataset is the most comprehensive one out there and covers all current a... more

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  • Jenny Kassan
    Jenny Kassan answered 8/14/2021

    Hello, I am TRAORÉ ADAMA. I tried to submit my project for crowdfunding participation funding. But I'm told I must fill out Form C. I don't know what it is. And I would like someone to guide me and help me complete this form. I really care about the project. Thank you!

    Hello!  The Form C is the disclosure information that needs to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission before you can launch a campaign under Regulation Crowdfunding.  Lawyers generally charge $5-10,000 to prepare it. 

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  • Adam Gower
    Adam Gower answered 8/2/2021

    How is crowdfunding changing the real estate industry?

    Crowdfunding has become a mainstream form of finance for real estate.

    You can learn more about how in my new book, UNLEASHED, that you can access here, and in this article here that includes a link to a conversation I had with Tore Steen, founder and CEO of CrowdStreet.

    ... more
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