Charles Adams

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategist

Experienced campaign strategist and consultant in both rewards and equity based campaigns. View (1) Answers

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Xiaochen Zhang



FinTech and Blockchain adviser with a global portforlio View (0) Answers

Eunice Robson


Vest Energy Crowdfunding

Eunice is a climate activist dedicated to changing attitudes about climate change from concern to action. View (0) Answers

Zachary Robins


Winthrop & Weinstine

Business Attorney @WinthropMpls focusing on investment crowdunding and private capital raises; co-author of MNvest state crowdfunding law; View (1) Answers

1818 Library Street, Suite 500 Reston, VA 20190

Dao Ventures strives to do business and create an impact in harmony with the environment, the people, and the society, the spirit of which is embodied by the Chinese character ... more>

2051 Dyan Way Maitland, FL 32751

Lets go to the moon together.
Everyone should have easy access to invest in startups.

Miventure was created on the foundation that everyone should have the ability to become a business ... more>

330 Clematis Street, Ste. 217 West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Legal & Compliance, LLC is a national corporate and securities law firm that represents small, publicly traded companies. Our corporate and securities attorneys provide counsel for general corporate operations, business ... more>

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Samson Williams
Samson Williams answered: April 13

I on a budget setting up my license crowd Funding portal with the FINRA/ SEC. I have completed everything and just need to send me finger print. is there a checklist for the thing i need to do so i can do everything properly and know my roadmap. also is it hard to change t

"I'm on a budget setting up my license crowd Funding portal with the FINRA/ SEC." 

It cost about $2M to set up a Crowdfunding Portal. I know that sticker price often shocks people so checkout this spreadsheet that doesn't make it any easier to accept but breaks down the expe...

Samson Williams
Samson Williams published: April 12

Funding Portals - Welcome to the League!

Welcome to the League! 

April 12, 2021  

Hello Portal Owners,

We’re all busy people and so I’ll skip the pleasantries and focus on why this year you need to join the Crowdfunding Professiona ...more

Brian Ross
Brian Ross answered: April 7

How does InfraShares differ from other crowdfunding portals?

InfraShares is the only Reg CF Funding Portal focused on raising capital for infrastructure projects.  We focus on working with developers of water, wastewater, renewable energy, transportation, and telecom projects to bring investment opportunities to unaccredited investors...

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