Blaine McLaughlin

COO VIA Folio, a division of

Folio Investments, Inc., a part of Folio Financial, Inc.

Working to revolutionize how alternative and digital securities are bought, sold, custodied and serviced in the U.S. View (1) Answers

Devin Thorpe

Champion of Social Good

Your Mark on the World Center

Regular Forbes Contributor covering social entrepreneurship and impact investing, passionate about crowdfunding, fascinated by crypto. View (3) Answers

Charles Adams

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategist

Experienced campaign strategist and consultant in both rewards and equity based campaigns. View (1) Answers

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Michael Sauvante

Executive Director

National Commonwealth Group, Inc.

Michael Sauvante has over 40 years of experience in founding and running more than a half dozen companies in diverse industries. View (0) Answers

Washington, DC
Sean Murphy

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) provide a revolutionary new way for companies to interact with customers, vendors, and industry stakeholders. As you consider how to use these technologies to outpace your competition, ... more>

8180 Greensboro Drive, 8th Floor McLean, VA 22102

VIA Folio empowers investors and clients of portals, issuers and intermediaries to invest in alternative assets such as private debt and equity, public offerings, and hedge funds. It does this ... more>

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StartMotionMEDIA answered: July 2

Is Kickstarter the best crowdfunding platform out there?

hi! Yes, Kickstarter is certainly the most well known. However any platform is only as good as the traffic you send to it, because on Kickstarter the community is not really the one making purchases but traffic you send to your project page. Even the viral projects we’ve run only...

Devin Thorpe
Devin Thorpe answered: June 25

What drives your interest in Crowdfunding and/or CfPA?

Crowdfunding is a tool for solving some of the world's biggest problems. It is frequently used as a tool for financing investment in solutions to climate change. More directly, it serves to fight social inequities, providing female entrepreneurs with fairer financing terms and ac...

Scott E. McIntyre
Scott E. McIntyre answered: June 19

Why did you get involved in crowdfunding?

Because I believe supporting entrepreneurship is vital to society, and frankly, humanity, too. Helping others actualize their potential, or even just follow their bliss, is a keen use of technology that has multiplicative, cascading benefits.

And I also saw that access to gary st...

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