As an author, educator, speaker, and founder of the Your Mark on the World Center, Devin has established himself as a champion of social good. Having spoken twice at the United Nations and twice at Johnson & Johnson, among dozens of other engagements, he has a proven track record as a speaker. As a Forbes contributor, with 500 bylines and almost two million unique readers, he has become a recognized name in the social impact arena. His Your Mark on the World show, featuring over 800 celebrities, CEOs, billionaires, entrepreneurs and others who are out to change the world, has given him a recognizable face as well.


Previously, Devin served as the CFO of the third largest company on the 2009 Inc. 500 list. He also founded and led an NASD-registered investment bank. After completing a degree in finance at the University of Utah, he earned an MBA from Cornell University. Having lived on three continents and visited over 30 countries on six continents and with guests from around the world on his show, Devin brings a global perspective to international audiences - from the UN to Nepal - empowering them to do more good and make their mark on the world. These lessons also enable them to change their personal lives and to drive positive change within their organizations. His books provide roadmaps to audiences on how to use money for good. His books have been read over 1 million times!
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Devin Thorpe
The Transformational Power of Crowdfunding

Kathleen Minogue leads Crowdfund Better, a social enterprise designed from its founding to help entrepreneurs access capital through crowdfunding. Much of her effort has focused on underserved communities, including women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.

“Our goal is to provide education to help empower people to understand that this opportunity exists to use crowdfunding as a capital-raising tool,” she explains. “While I believe it is magic and it is transformational for so many people, there’s a mystique around it, and you know, we want to pull the curtain back, and you can see the man or the woman moving the levers.”

Kathleen didn’t start in the business community. “I taught middle and high school, and so when I came to this space, I wanted to find a way to reach anyone, no matter what level they were at and help them to crowdfund better, which is how I named the company.”

She believes she can help anyone learn the skills to crowdfund successfully if they invest the time to learn. She appl...more