You can't stop progress. Could an industry self-regulating organization (SRO) to govern the use of AI be funded through regulated investment crowdfunding?

Brian Christie Brian Christie
Posted at Mar 30

Part 1:

You can't stop progress. Just like our ancestors couldn't put the genie back in the bottle once they learned how to use fire, we can't slow down the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It's like trying to hold back a tidal wave with a single sandbag.

Sure, some folks might be scared of AI, just like they were scared of fire. And you can't blame them even if they ironically call themselves the "Future of Life." New things can be scary. But the truth is, we're living in a world where AI is already all around us. From our phones to our cars to our homes, it's already a part of our daily lives. And with NLP becoming more accessible every day, entrepreneurs are seeking ways to deploy it in every aspect of their businesses.

And let's face it, AI has the potential to do a lot of good. It can help us solve problems, make our lives easier, and even save lives. While some billionaires make claims that “population collapse” is a greater threat to humanity than even climate chan...more

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Investment Crowdfunding Is a Powerful Tool for Building Local Capital

Devin Thorpe Devin Thorpe
Posted at Mar 29

This post was originally shared on Superpowers for Good.

Regulated investment crowdfunding is a powerful tool for building local capital in your neighborhood or town.

There are three perspectives I’ll discuss here:

  1. Investor perspective

  2. Entrepreneur perspective

  3. Community leader perspective

For clarity, whenever I talk about crowdfunding today, I’ll be referring to the regulated investment crowdfunding on websites like Wefunder, Republic and Start Engine—and dozens of others. I’m not talking about GoFundMe or even the popular rewards crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

That said, there may be no better way for an entrepreneur to prepare for an investment crowdfunding round than to conduct a rewards campaign. We’ll talk about that another day.

Investor Perspective on Building Local Capital Via Crowdfunding

If you are an adult living in the United States, you are eligible to invest directly in local businesses via crowdfunding. The only barrier between you

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CfPA Commuity's thoughts on RaiseWay's Crowdfunding Campaign Management Toolkit

Peter Rostovsky Peter Rostovsky
Posted at Mar 28

Hi everyone! Together with my co-founder - Josh McSorley - and we are building a tool to make investment crowdfunding easy for businesses raising capital.

In this 3-min Loom Video I cover our task manager view.

What do you think? Thank you so much to everyone who shares their thoughts! In the next videos we can cover:

  • AI Campaign Assistant
  • Investor Relationship Manager
  • Funding Portal Selector

Click here to join the early access waitlist here - alpha version shall be released on April 15th!

I would sincerely appreciate it if you shared this with any business looking to raise capital with crowdfunding on a tight budget.

Thank you,

Peter Rostovsky

Co-Founder & CEO of RaiseWay

Member of BoD of CfPA



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What are the costs for a RegCF Issuance?

Posted at Feb 2

Raising capital is necessary for many companies, but it comes with a price tag. This is why we often receive questions from companies seeking to understand how to budget for the fundraising process. With Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) issuances becoming increasingly popular in the United States, understanding the costs associated with these offerings is essential to successful capital raising. 

To shed a light on this topic, we have worked with our KorePartners to research the estimated budget for a Reg CF offering. However, this estimated budget is based on a variety of factors that can influence the total cost of capital raising. Thus, this information will not apply to all companies but is a general guide to the expenses involved in a Reg CF raise.

Visit our blog to learn the end-to-end details.


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Here's an Easy New Year's Resolution to Change the World

Devin Thorpe Devin Thorpe
Posted at Jan 4

There has been no shortage of articles about new year’s resolutions. I’d be reluctant to join the chorus if this one didn’t have the potential to yield so much good for so little effort.

Many people recommend focusing your 2023 goals on a single objective. If you’re struggling to find one, look no further! This one is easy.

If you are taking a portfolio approach to your self-improvement this year, here’s an idea that will be easy to add into the mix as it will take less time and money than most.

For 2023, set a goal to make an impact investment via crowdfunding.

To be clear, I’m not talking about donating to charity or helping someone in need on GoFundMe. Those are good and noble things to do, but I’m talking about something similarly easy but fundamentally different.

The biggest difference is that you could get your money back—with interest!


The biggest challenge to making your first investment is your mindset. For about 90 years following the Great Depressio...more

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WEconomy and the (re)building of the American Dream

Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Posted at 9/14/2022

WEconomy is a social, financial movement powered by a revolutionary set of tools that help establish thriving regional economies, available to all residents, fueled by their own local currency.

In addition to Crowdfunding, the WEconomy sets the stage for residents of communities in crisis to enjoy purpose, resilience and prosperity again...all without the need to get in line at a bank or hope for benevolent investors.

Join me on Friday for my closing address and learn what we've been cooking.


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2021 CfPA Chairman's year-end address

Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Posted at 9/9/2022

Friday, December 31, 2021

Dear friends,

Thank you for another year far surpassing my hopes both personally and professionally.

The CfPA continues to be highly-regarded here and abroad as a generous and vital organization expanding access to capital and opportunity for entrepreneurs, small businesses and investors. Our work in 2021 helped Crowdfunding reach new highs, extended our global voice, and expanded our capacity domestically. We saw over $500M raised using RegCF offerings where even non-accredited investors finally got a piece of the pie. We saw RegA+ offerings land over $2B. For these, and so many other reasons, it continues to be an honor to be a part of a leadership team on the cutting edge of Alternative Finance. CfPA’s reputation continues to be enhanced by the many professionals who freely contribute their time and expertise to advancing the association and the industry. There have been so many noteworthy moments and I look forward to seeing even more debut in ’22.

In 2021...more

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2019 CfPA Chairman's public address

Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Posted at 9/9/2022

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dear friends,

A vast majority of you reading this letter are part of the Crowdfunding community—whether you know this yet or not, your knowledge, initiative, collaboration...and pocketbook have made our industry touch more lives than you might imagine. We at the Crowdfunding Professional Association thank you for all your imagination, hard work and follow-through, and celebrate with you the continued growth enjoyed by communities everywhere. I want to preface this letter by making certain my fellow volunteers at the CfPA are aware just how fortunate we are to have their gift of time, knowledge and leadership—thank you, again.

At its simplest, Crowdfunding lives at the intersection of crowdsourcing and alternative finance, and even until recently was seen more as a funding method for ventures too risky for conventional capital or for entrepreneurs lacking loan-worthy collateral or relevant experience. But in just six+ years since passage of the JOBS Act, Crowdfu...more

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