Boxabl: CfPA Crowdfunding Issuer Interview Series

Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA)
Posted at Mar 16

Boxabl is an American housing construction technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was founded in 2017 by Paolo Tiramani, Galiano Tiramani and Kyle Denman to supply accessory dwelling units (ADUs). It is among the most successful companies to have benefited from regulated investment crowdfunding having raised over $160 million. This interview was conducted with Galiano Tiramani.    


CfPA: Can you tell us a little bit about your company? What does your company do and at what stage is it?

GALIANO: Boxabl operates factories that produce a new kind of housing. We have technology that we believe will allow us to mass produce housing on a scale and for a cost that was never before possible. Our goal is to dramatically lower housing costs for the world.

CfPA: What's the market in which you see your company operating?

GALIANO: Our initial product is a small studio apartments. After that we will roll out a system of room modules that stack and


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An Open Letter to Dan Snyder – It’s Time to Make Washington Football America’s Team

Brian Christie Brian Christie
Posted at Feb 28

Dear Dan:

Many of us have read the off-season headlines about the Washington Commanders and that you may - or may not - be holding out for a $7 billion dollar bid to sell the team. We’ve read that you’ve rejected a Jeff Bezos bid around $6 billion and have blocked him from bidding.  Other headlines say that he isn’t blocked – it’s all a ploy to keep interest high.

We’ve also read that the NFL league owners will meet, starting on March 26, and it is believed the other owners want you to complete a sale by that time to allow new owners time to take over Washington before the new season begins.  

Growing up in central Ohio, I lived in the middle of fan rivalry between the Browns and Bengals – so I wasn’t always a Washington Football fan. But after moving to the DC area, Washington became my adopted team and I learned that people from all over the US felt Washington football belonged to them too. At a family wedding in Florida, a cousin who had spent his entire career as a cop in...more

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Would you like to learn more about safely online investing?

Posted at Jan 12

The year of trust and compliance is here and we, at KoreConX, are more than happy to share with you what innovations we bring to the market. We will walk you through topics such as cybersecurity, investing online, and how to be sure you are doing it safely and compliantly inside a regulated environment.

Our CRO, Peter Daneyko, has a lot to share about KoreID - with some surprises coming up, with our communications coordinator, Rafael Gonçalves.

Join us


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The Competitive Moat in Crowdfunding = Owning the Community

Posted at 11/28/2022

If you’re trying to build something (a company, a product, a service) and not simultaneously building a community, then the future is likely dim. Customer acquisition costs have never been higher due to App Tracking Transparency (that’s a whole other post - explainer here) alongside increasing competition because it's never been easier to start a business in a world of AWS, 3PLs, Shopify, open AI models, and other software tools that are essentially a business in a box.

This is why community matters. Community by its nature is a group of like-minded individuals coming together, and this ultimately can equate to built-in distribution. And I cannot stress this enough: distribution is the best and biggest competitive moat. In some sense, distribution is all that matters; you could have the best product/service in the world, but without a distribution moat you’ll be left high and dry.

A great example of this is in the newspaper business – once upon a time the printing presses and physical ...more

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The Flexibility of Regulation A Crowdfunding

Ron Costa Ron Costa
Posted at 10/3/2022

Many seeking to raise capital for their business usually use the tried-and-true Regulation D exemption from the IRS. But did you know that going the Regulation A (Reg.A) route may provide you with more flexibility, both in the short and long term? In this podcast, Mike Brette from Small Cap Equity Advisors discusses some of the options, nuances, and advantages that Reg.A provides compared to a private placement under 506(c) Reg D. But you have to do it all correctly. And one thing’s for certain: you don’t want to raise any red flags with the SEC!


Many think raising money under Reg.D is cheaper, better, and faster than doing a Reg.A. Are they right? Despite being around for a while now, not many business owners, CEOs, and issuers truly understand crowdfunding, especially Reg.A crowdfunding. When you listen to this podcast, you’ll get a better understanding of why Mr. Brette is so bullish on the topic. From its liquidity options on secondary markets, costs invo...more

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Named the 3rd Fastest Growing Company in Canada - for good reason

Posted at 9/23/2022

All founders and leaders know how hard growth is. Most days it comes as incremental steps - but sometimes, it's an exponential phenomenon that is powered by the incredible team you've built. This is one of those days. 

With our office HQ in Toronto, but our satellite offices in Texas and Florida, we are proud to be named Canada's 3rd fastest-growing company for 2022. Although we are #3 overall, we are #1 in the Tech category.

We are building the 'Shopify solution' for the capital markets with a focus on making it easy for brands to transition from traditional venture capital (VC) raises to a more global, digital solution.

We are focused on serving our issuers and partners - which sets us apart from our competition. Crowdfunding portals are typically focused on attracting investors and providing value to them. Our technology is focused on powering up our partners to raise multiple deal types for multiple issuers AND providing a solid, innovative, end-to-end solution for issuers to ...more

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2021 CfPA Chairman's year-end address

Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Posted at 9/9/2022

Friday, December 31, 2021

Dear friends,

Thank you for another year far surpassing my hopes both personally and professionally.

The CfPA continues to be highly-regarded here and abroad as a generous and vital organization expanding access to capital and opportunity for entrepreneurs, small businesses and investors. Our work in 2021 helped Crowdfunding reach new highs, extended our global voice, and expanded our capacity domestically. We saw over $500M raised using RegCF offerings where even non-accredited investors finally got a piece of the pie. We saw RegA+ offerings land over $2B. For these, and so many other reasons, it continues to be an honor to be a part of a leadership team on the cutting edge of Alternative Finance. CfPA’s reputation continues to be enhanced by the many professionals who freely contribute their time and expertise to advancing the association and the industry. There have been so many noteworthy moments and I look forward to seeing even more debut in ’22.

In 2021...more

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2019 CfPA Chairman's public address

Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Posted at 9/9/2022

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dear friends,

A vast majority of you reading this letter are part of the Crowdfunding community—whether you know this yet or not, your knowledge, initiative, collaboration...and pocketbook have made our industry touch more lives than you might imagine. We at the Crowdfunding Professional Association thank you for all your imagination, hard work and follow-through, and celebrate with you the continued growth enjoyed by communities everywhere. I want to preface this letter by making certain my fellow volunteers at the CfPA are aware just how fortunate we are to have their gift of time, knowledge and leadership—thank you, again.

At its simplest, Crowdfunding lives at the intersection of crowdsourcing and alternative finance, and even until recently was seen more as a funding method for ventures too risky for conventional capital or for entrepreneurs lacking loan-worthy collateral or relevant experience. But in just six+ years since passage of the JOBS Act, Crowdfu...more

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