Is Reg D Suitable for My Company?

Posted at Mar 9

Regulation D (Reg D) is a set of rules established by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that allows companies to raise capital without registering their securities for public sale and is related to, but different than other JOBS Act regulations. Reg D also establishes certain disclosure requirements that companies must comply with when selling securities under this type of offering and offers several advantages for companies seeking to raise capital, these include:

  • Ability to raise capital from accredited and some nonaccredited investors
  • Reduced disclosure requirements, and faster access to capital
  • No limits on offering sizes

However, there are also certain drawbacks associated with Reg D. For example, companies must comply with state regulations that may require disclosure of notices of sale or the names of those who receive compensation in connection with the sale. Additionally, the benefits of Reg D only apply to the issuer of the securities, not to affil...more

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'Crowdfunding Is Only for Crappy Companies That Can't Raise Venture Capital.' Poppycock!

Devin Thorpe Devin Thorpe
Posted at Feb 9

Naysayers Suggest Crowdfunding Is Only for the Unwashed and Unworthy. Here's the Truth.  

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor; nothing I write in Superpowers for Good should be considered investment advice. You should seek appropriate counsel before making investment decisions.

I’m sick and tired of hearing this crap. That’s what it is. I’m sorry, but smart people who otherwise spend their days doing intelligent and kind things are still thinking that crowdfunding is for losers. It’s not.

Let me explain this in terms anyone can understand. And please, do me a favor. Share this message with someone you love. Heck, share it with everyone you love.

Regulated investment crowdfunding is not for losers, the unwashed or the unworthy. It’s for every good company out there. It is for every investor.

Does that mean that sometimes a crappy company will raise money via crowdfunding? Yes. But don’t stop reading! Remember, those genius venture capitalists who sometimes lead the chants ...more

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Here's an Easy New Year's Resolution to Change the World

Devin Thorpe Devin Thorpe
Posted at Jan 4

There has been no shortage of articles about new year’s resolutions. I’d be reluctant to join the chorus if this one didn’t have the potential to yield so much good for so little effort.

Many people recommend focusing your 2023 goals on a single objective. If you’re struggling to find one, look no further! This one is easy.

If you are taking a portfolio approach to your self-improvement this year, here’s an idea that will be easy to add into the mix as it will take less time and money than most.

For 2023, set a goal to make an impact investment via crowdfunding.

To be clear, I’m not talking about donating to charity or helping someone in need on GoFundMe. Those are good and noble things to do, but I’m talking about something similarly easy but fundamentally different.

The biggest difference is that you could get your money back—with interest!


The biggest challenge to making your first investment is your mindset. For about 90 years following the Great Depressio...more

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Change the zoning codes. Open up solutions for everyone.

Eve Picker Eve Picker
Posted at 12/21/2022

Remember the “starter home?” It was a bungalow. Or a cottage? No, a rambler! I’m writing wistfully in the past tense because the starter home has largely disappeared.

This at a time when experts widely agree we need at least 6 million new homes to house all Americans? Yep. Because many cities and boroughs have made building small homes all but impossible.

The hardest project of my life was a 235 SQF “tiny home” on a 1500 SQF lot in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood.

I was attempting to build a single-family, detached home in a neighborhood with existing amenities and infrastructure. But the zoning codes as written originally left me with only 50 SQF to build on. 50!

I had to fight the zoning board and building inspector. I had to crowdfund the project (on of course) because I couldn’t get a bank loan since there were no comps. It was as if the city had intentionally designed the codes to make the unit economics of building a starter completely unaffordable.


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We Can't Rely on Venture Capital Funding to Build a Just and Thriving Entrepreneurial Economy

Jenny Kassan Jenny Kassan
Posted at 12/3/2022

If we hope to build a thriving economy that supports a diversity of business models and entrepreneurs, we should work to expand inclusive non-VC business funding models .... cont'd 


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WEconomy and the (re)building of the American Dream

Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Posted at 9/14/2022

WEconomy is a social, financial movement powered by a revolutionary set of tools that help establish thriving regional economies, available to all residents, fueled by their own local currency.

In addition to Crowdfunding, the WEconomy sets the stage for residents of communities in crisis to enjoy purpose, resilience and prosperity again...all without the need to get in line at a bank or hope for benevolent investors.

Join me on Friday for my closing address and learn what we've been cooking.


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Join me at SuperCrowd22 tomorrow for "Doing Good and Doing Well: How to pick impact investment opportunities"

Brian Belley Brian Belley
Posted at 9/14/2022

At 3PM ET / noon PT tomorrow, I'll be presenting a session at SuperCrowd22 on "Doing Good and Doing Well - How to pick impact investment opportunities".

I'll be sharing my own 5-step process for investing in exciting and impactful companies online. We'll also be reviewing some key stats about the online impact investing startup ecosystem in 2022 (which has already raised $78.2 million from nearly 50,000 individuals). 

This is easily the most impressive collection of impact investing and online startup investing experts and professionals all converging in one place for this event. 

I'll also be on a panel while a number of impactful startups pitch in front of a live (virtual) audience on Friday. Don't miss it!

You can see the detailed SuperCrowd22 agenda here.

Still need a ticket? Use coupon code "cfpamembers" at checkout on the page here to save $124 off your ticket!


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SuperCrowd22: Will Local News be the Next Frontier for Investment Crowdfunding?

Brian Christie Brian Christie
Posted at 9/14/2022

Tomorrow I will speak at SuperCrowd22  (see: ) - a two day event (September 15/16) - along with thought leaders and practitioners addressing issues at the cross section of impact investing + investment crowdfunding. 

I am honored to be participating in this event. 

I'll address the topic of "Will Local News be the Next Frontier for Investment Crowdfunding?

I believe it's a topic of vital importance to our country and for the preservation of US democracy. At SuperCrowd, I'll speak to: 1) the current state of Local News media (it's not good) 2) a historical perspective on how we've gotten here and 3) a view on what can be done to help save or reinvigorate Local News across the country.    
As a preview, here are some slides and facts from part one of my presentation - the current state of Local News.  

Slide 2: The US loses two local newspapers each week! Since 2004, there has been a net loss of 2,514 papers. 


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