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KingsCrowd is a game-changing investment platform that offers cutting-edge data analytics and research tools to help investors make informed decisions when investing in private companies. Our platform combines data science and expert analysis to provide investors with ratings and rankings for promising startups, giving them the confidence to invest with ease. With a proprietary database of over 6,500 startups, our team of experienced analysts is dedicated to providing unbiased and transparent insights that help investors unlock new investment opportunities. With our innovative crowdfunding platform, investors can now directly invest in promising startups, empowering them to be a part of the next wave of industry disruptors.


We are a team of financiers, venture capitalists, technologists, founders, and industry experts on a mission to democratize private market investing.

One of the most successful asset classes of the past 20 years has been startups and private companies not listed on major exchanges like the NYSE and the NASDAQ. Thanks to technological advancements and regulatory improvements, these investment opportunities are becoming increasingly available online. We are on a mission to provide you with one trusted source to find all the deal flow available.

We provide trusted insights, analytics and ratings to help you navigate the fragmented market of startup investing and vet the best deals worth adding to your investment portfolio. Our portfolio tracker lets you track and manage all your startup investments in one place and receive updates on latest valuations, exits, and failures.

A One-Stop Solution For Vetted Private Market Deal Flow
With KingsCrowd you will never miss a hot deal. Reduce your hours of searching and vetting deals by using our proprietary technology rating and analytics tools produced by our industry insiders with years of startup and venture capital experience.

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KingsCrowd and Radivision® Partner to Support New Startup Funding and Private Market Investing

San Francisco, CA (June 12, 2024) Radivision® and KingsCrowd today announced a strategic partnership to give retail investors the tools they need to participate in the growing private markets while delivering a new funding source to startups. This collaboration unites Radivision’s strengths as a streaming and social platform that connects retail investors to startup content and opportunities with KingsCrowd’s unparalleled expertise in private market data and analytics.

The partners’ shared mission is to demystify private market investing and give more people the confidence to participate in startup wealth creation, which has outperformed the public markets by 70% or more for most of the past 25 years. This is an especially vital need today. Shifts in the public markets since 1998 have disenfranchised Main Street investors while funneling outsized gains to the largest players, contributing to the widening wealth divide in the U.S. Radivision will soon offer its members the ability ...more