Boxabl: CfPA Crowdfunding Issuer Interview Series

Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA)
Posted at Mar 16

Boxabl is an American housing construction technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was founded in 2017 by Paolo Tiramani, Galiano Tiramani and Kyle Denman to supply accessory dwelling units (ADUs). It is among the most successful companies to have benefited from regulated investment crowdfunding having raised over $160 million. This interview was conducted with Galiano Tiramani.    


CfPA: Can you tell us a little bit about your company? What does your company do and at what stage is it?

GALIANO: Boxabl operates factories that produce a new kind of housing. We have technology that we believe will allow us to mass produce housing on a scale and for a cost that was never before possible. Our goal is to dramatically lower housing costs for the world.

CfPA: What's the market in which you see your company operating?

GALIANO: Our initial product is a small studio apartments. After that we will roll out a system of room modules that stack and


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Seven Charts that Summarize Investment Crowdfunding in 2022

Sherwood Neiss Sherwood Neiss
Posted at Feb 13

Here are seven charts that sum up key findings:

Pitchbook Angel/Seed Deals are Trending Down. Investment Crowdfunding Deals are Trending Up and Hit Record Highs

Pitchbook released the “Q4 Venture Monitor First Look” that breaks down its data. While they show Angel and Seed deals declining in 2022, Investment Crowdfunding saw the most deals funded in history. Also, this trendline continues to show an increase in funded deals. As more issuers find it challenging to access capital in 2023, we expect to see them turn online for capital.

The Valley of Death is Dead Thanks to Investment C


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What are the costs for a RegCF Issuance?

Posted at Feb 2

Raising capital is necessary for many companies, but it comes with a price tag. This is why we often receive questions from companies seeking to understand how to budget for the fundraising process. With Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) issuances becoming increasingly popular in the United States, understanding the costs associated with these offerings is essential to successful capital raising. 

To shed a light on this topic, we have worked with our KorePartners to research the estimated budget for a Reg CF offering. However, this estimated budget is based on a variety of factors that can influence the total cost of capital raising. Thus, this information will not apply to all companies but is a general guide to the expenses involved in a Reg CF raise.

Visit our blog to learn the end-to-end details.


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Alpine-X: CfPA Crowdfunding Issuer Interview Series

Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA)
Posted at Jan 26

Alpine X Inc. is a holding company with its headquarters in Virginia, whose mission is to develop family-centric active lifestyle communities and experience-based sports entertainment venues throughout the United States.  In partnership with world-class engineering and development firms, the company conceives and creates one-of-a-kind recreational destination properties that integrate harmoniously with their surroundings. Through innovative use of land and architecture, collaboration with local organizations, and environmental responsibility, Alpine-X strives to create properties that are financially and environmentally sustainable.


CfPA: Can you tell us a little bit about your company? What does your company do and at what stage is it?  

Jeff Hokenson: Alpine-X is developing Indoor Snowsports Resorts in major metropolitan areas across North America.  Our initial target markets are Washington DC, Dallas, and Austin, and we are assessing several other potent...more

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Would you like to learn more about safely online investing?

Posted at Jan 12

The year of trust and compliance is here and we, at KoreConX, are more than happy to share with you what innovations we bring to the market. We will walk you through topics such as cybersecurity, investing online, and how to be sure you are doing it safely and compliantly inside a regulated environment.

Our CRO, Peter Daneyko, has a lot to share about KoreID - with some surprises coming up, with our communications coordinator, Rafael Gonçalves.

Join us


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Do you understand blockchain?

Posted at 12/23/2022

There is a general understanding that crowdfunding, tokenization, and some other concepts are tightly connected. But do you understand what blockchain is? It is important to understand how it works to help us all understand Online Capital Formation.

Follow our Spotify Channel and welcome aboard.


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Change the zoning codes. Open up solutions for everyone.

Eve Picker Eve Picker
Posted at 12/21/2022

Remember the “starter home?” It was a bungalow. Or a cottage? No, a rambler! I’m writing wistfully in the past tense because the starter home has largely disappeared.

This at a time when experts widely agree we need at least 6 million new homes to house all Americans? Yep. Because many cities and boroughs have made building small homes all but impossible.

The hardest project of my life was a 235 SQF “tiny home” on a 1500 SQF lot in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood.

I was attempting to build a single-family, detached home in a neighborhood with existing amenities and infrastructure. But the zoning codes as written originally left me with only 50 SQF to build on. 50!

I had to fight the zoning board and building inspector. I had to crowdfund the project (on of course) because I couldn’t get a bank loan since there were no comps. It was as if the city had intentionally designed the codes to make the unit economics of building a starter completely unaffordable.


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Online Capital Formation

Posted at 12/20/2022

We do write a lot about the democratization of capital because we believe that everyone should be able to participate and share in the benefits, whether as entrepreneurs, brand advocates, innovators, or investors (both accredited and non-accredited). What we may be missing here is that Regulation CF (RegCF) has matured over the past decade, and it is time to look at it in a more complex way.

For many individuals, the word “crowdfunding” still evokes Kickstarter as a Top of Mind idea. Entrepreneurs that need money to launch a product pitch their ideas online and people can contribute based on a variety of rewards listed on a website. But that is far from being a regulated entity.

RegCF helps companies turn investors into shareholders. Companies and product makers are not selling their stories anymore. They are selling their stock. And that is why we feel the word “crowdfunding” doesn’t encompass the whole idea behind it.

That is why we put together our KorePartners, like Sara Hanks (CEO...more

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