Peter Rostvsky
Remote, DE

Raiseway is a web-application solution designed to streamline the complex process of investment crowdfunding. Very affordably.

Price before the minimal viable product launch is $50/month. Planned price after the MVP launch: $125/month. We make money on this subscription and industry referral fees.

We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face when navigating this landscape - from choosing the right crowdfunding portal to managing campaign marketing assets, legal paperwork, community fundraising, and investor reporting.

We are developing an all-in-one management system that addresses each task involved in the crowdfunding process. We are working to include a data-driven funding portal selector, detailed educational resources, AI-powered campaign asset creation, and investor communication tools.

Under development is a marketplace of crowdfunding services (legal experts, crowdfunding-specializing marketers & consultants), an Investor Relationship Management system, and integrations with other service providers.


Peter Rostovsky
CEO & Co-Founder, Raiseway

Bill Huston
Investment Crowdfunding Strategist , Design to Build Firm


Peter Rostovsky

Founder & CEO
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How we calculated Raiseway's Global Total Addressable Market

Disclaimer: (1) the issuer is considering an exempt offering, but has not decided upon any particular exemption; (2) the issuer is not soliciting any money or other consideration and, if sent, will not be accepted by the issuer; (3) the issuer will not sell securities or accept commitments to purchase securities until the issuer decides on which exemption it will pursue and satisfies any required filing, disclosure or qualification requirements; and (4) all indications of interest made by solicitees are non-binding.

To calculate Global #TotalAddressableMarket, we needed to understand how much Raiseway will charge users in each country.

We developed a global parity-pricing model to figure that out.

According to our most recent calculations, our yearly Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in the US will be $575, accounting for churn.

(^This isn't exactly right, we need to update the model. When we do, the TAM numbers will move by a n million, not sure which direction. 🤡 )