Short-Term Gain = Long-Term Pain?: Building a Sustainable Public Company with Longer-Term Investors

Jason Paltrowitz Jason Paltrowitz
Posted at 10/13/2017

Much attention has focused on recent Reg A deals (Arcimoto, Shiftpixy, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Myomo and Adomani) that have listed on national exchanges (Nasdaq and NYSE). But the question remains, is this the right move for small-caps seeking to become public companies through innovative capital raising frameworks? After the excitement of ringing a bell has worn off, the visibility has dissipated, the bankers have been paid and the festivities come to a close, a bigger challenge begins for management to grow the value of their business while balancing the resource-intensive requirements of maintaining a listing on a national exchange.

Reg A was designed for small companies, start-ups, entrepreneurial innovators and those seeking to alleviate the cost, time and complexity associated with the traditional IPO process. Part of the larger JOBS Act story, this legislation increased opportunities for transparent and online capital raising whereby small cap ...more

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CfPA launches Knowledge-Sharing platform with

Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Posted at 4/8/2017

Come visit the CfPA's newest resource for people seeking expert guidance in all things Crowd...even phone consultations!

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