Question from Aaron:

Happy Sunday Samson! I’m definitely enjoying and appreciating all your posts and article on the power of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting to help gain market share and loyal customers for the long haul. I had a question about the best place to launch a crowdinvesting product on a platform to gain the most views from future customers/investors, as I’ve been working on a project for the last year that revolves community development. I’d love to get your feedback and opinions on this at your best convenience if would be that great of a human! Thanks and happy Sunday! 😊


Answer from Samson
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Morning Aaron!

You have 3 options:  

  1. Book time on my calendar so for $500 an hour an I explain why it doesn't matter which platform you select here:
  2. Just take my word for it. 
  3. Stop believing platforms when they say they have X# of investors because ZERO of those investors a) know who you are b) care about your project. Which means you will have to market your deal, to drive traffic to your offering. CF Portals don't HELP you raise money, they ENABLE you to use their platform to raise money.  

Ok, thats not 100% true. If they're a Broker Dealer they can help you raise money because BDs can actually market your deal. This ability is reflected in their pricing.  Otherwise, pick a platform ( or are real estate centric) and put together your deal AND then get ready to market your ass off.  


Note - I realize after I sent this question that I didn't specifically answer the question. The answer to "What is the best place to market your crowdinvesting product?" is, "Where your potential customers and investors are." What you as a Founder / Business owner need to be aware of is that all crowdfunding campaigns are in fact marketing projects for your business. So the real question is, "Who should I be marketing my business to?" That is part of your customer journey / discovery process. 


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