Marketing Strategies for Raising Capital

Posted at 5/16/2023

When a company is looking to raise capital, there are many marketing strategies to get the word out. With any method, the primary goal is to convey what your company does and inform investors about the potential opportunities that their investment will create. Marketing strategies for raising capital are important to all companies and issuers.

Creating a Compelling Opportunity Set

The first step in any marketing strategy is creating a compelling opportunity set, which should position the company as a subject matter expert. A white paper can do it, which should answer all the “whys” for potential investors. It’s important to provide this information clearly and concisely, as potential investors will likely have a lot of questions. This document can serve as a launching pad for further content like blogs or videos. By providing all the relevant information upfront, companies can set themselves apart from the competition and make it more likely that potential investors will take the time ...more

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The Step by Step Process for Raising Capital

Ron Costa Ron Costa
Posted at 4/11/2022

Raising capital is such a confusing (and scary) endeavor. Many entrepreneurs are fearful of the entire process because they don’t have experience in taking their company to the next level and more importantly - just don’t understand the steps that are necessary to be successful with their raise. In this podcast, Guy Nohra – who has successfully funded many companies with a tremendous track record and is currently running as a candidate for Governor of Nevada – provides a step by step detailed roadmap on how to achieve money-raising success for entrepreneurs of all sizes! (and how to avoid the rookie mistakes so many business owners fall prey to as well.)


Born in Lebanon, Guy Nohra has gone from selling medical devices to providing venture capital to mainly the biotechnology industry and as such, has raised billions of dollars through his company, Alta Partners.

The American dream is hustling and working hard to start your own business, employ people, and cre...more

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The top 5 reasons every Founder should be crowdfunding.

Samson Williams Samson Williams
Posted at 6/30/2021

By Samson Williams



  1.    Investment crowdfunding enables you to set terms on your terms
  2.    60% of investors in crowdfunding campaign are already accredited
  3.    Crowdfunding platforms make managing your cap-table and communicating to investors easier  
  4.    Increase in sales revenue while running your investment crowdfunding campaign
  5.    Increase in the lifetime value of your customers, as Investomers


Any discussion about raising money should start off with the obvious. Raising money is hard AF and sucks. Too, there is no guaranteed way to raise capital for your business or startup. That said, if you are considering offering your Startup baby to Sharks for capital, here are a few things you should know about why Investment Crowdfunding should be your first option.


1.   Setting The Terms

So, you are looking to raise capital? But on whose terms? Yours? Or Sharks? The primary benefit of crowdfunding is that i...more

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