Raising capital is such a confusing (and scary) endeavor. Many entrepreneurs are fearful of the entire process because they don’t have experience in taking their company to the next level and more importantly - just don’t understand the steps that are necessary to be successful with their raise. In this podcast, Guy Nohra – who has successfully funded many companies with a tremendous track record and is currently running as a candidate for Governor of Nevada – provides a step by step detailed roadmap on how to achieve money-raising success for entrepreneurs of all sizes! (and how to avoid the rookie mistakes so many business owners fall prey to as well.)


Born in Lebanon, Guy Nohra has gone from selling medical devices to providing venture capital to mainly the biotechnology industry and as such, has raised billions of dollars through his company, Alta Partners.

The American dream is hustling and working hard to start your own business, employ people, and create high paying jobs to grow the economy. However, a very high percentage of entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with the concept of raising money for their business to grow them to the level they envision. That's why many turn to professionals to help guide them through the process. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn exactly what you’ll need to do to attract investment money into your projects, as well as what specifically angel investors and venture capitalists look for in a deal – all in a step by step, easy to understand manner that only Guy can provide!

Wondering how to get your initial funding? Then this is the podcast for you to take action! Not only will you learn some major insights and tips, but Guy goes over some major talking points in raising capital that many don't even consider - even if some are quite obvious! Regardless, this podcast will provide you with a springboard for success, depending on what success looks like to you. You HAVE defined your meaning of success, right? (there's a hint right there!)

As previously mentioned, Mr. Nohra is a Gubernatorial candidate for the State of Nevada. As someone who knows exactly how to create jobs and grow business, you'll understand why he is immensely qualified for the position! To find out more about him and his campaign, please visit his website at NohraforNV.com,

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