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The Transformational Power of Crowdfunding
At: 12/14/2021
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Devin Thorpe
The Transformational Power of Crowdfunding

Kathleen Minogue leads Crowdfund Better, a social enterprise designed from its founding to help entrepreneurs access capital through crowdfunding. Much of her effort has focused on underserved communities, including women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.

“Our goal is to provide education to help empower people to understand that this opportunity exists to use crowdfunding as a capital-raising tool,” she explains. “While I believe it is magic and it is transformational for so many people, there’s a mystique around it, and you know, we want to pull the curtain back, and you can see the man or the woman moving the levers.”

Kathleen didn’t start in the business community. “I taught middle and high school, and so when I came to this space, I wanted to find a way to reach anyone, no matter what level they were at and help them to crowdfund better, which is how I named the company.”

She believes she can help anyone learn the skills to crowdfund successfully if they invest the time to learn. She appl...more