JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, April 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation, will present World Tree with the Super Crowd Impact Crowdfunder of the Year Award in recognition of the money raised via their Regulation Crowdfunding success and the impact on reversing climate change and fighting poverty. The award will be presented on May 10 at SuperCrowd23.

World Tree is fighting the climate emergency by planting fast-growing empress splendor trees that mature in a single decade. With support from small individual investors, the company has planted over 5000 acres, each of which could sequester over 15 metric tons of carbon annually. World Tree has raised about $4 million using Regulation Crowdfunding.

“We are thrilled to receive the award on behalf of the thousands of individual investors who have shown their belief in our model by investing their hard-earned money in World Tree’s Eco-Tree program,” said Wendy Burton, founder and Chair of World Tree. “Our community shares our passion for doing all we can, as fast as we can, to reverse the climate crisis. I accept the award on their behalf.”

“In addition to the climate impact, World Tree is making carbon-friendly farming more profitable, including for smallholder and family farmers in Latin American countries, including Guatemala and across the United States,” said Dr Cathy Key, President of World Tree. “Our program reduces the risk for farmers in starting with a new crop.”

“World Tree exemplifies the growing universe of companies leveraging crowdfunding for impact,” says The Super Crowd, Inc. CEO Devin Thorpe. “Wendy and the company she founded demonstrate that crowdfunding is a powerful tool for diverse founders.”

World Tree is an agroforestry company focused on promoting the economic and environmental benefits of the Empress Splendor (Paulownia elongata and Paulownia fortunei) tree. As the largest grower of Empress Splendor in the Americas, World Tree is producing beautiful, sustainable eco-timber for the rapidly growing North American lumber market. The fast growth rate and soil-enhancing properties of the Empress Splendor make it an ideal tree for timber production, carbon sequestration, land regeneration and native forest protection. Learn more at https://worldtree.eco.

The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation, organizes virtual and in-person events to support the growth and development of the impact crowdfunding community, including both investors and issuers. The founding principle of TSCI is that cooperation and collaboration are essential for growing the number of impact investors supporting social entrepreneurs and traditionally underrepresented business owners. Learn more at http://TheSuperCrowd.com.

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