3 Ways to Get Cheap Tickets to SuperCrowd22 

Let’s get this out of the way quickly. There are three ways to get cheap tickets to SuperCrowd22.

  1. Save $100 here. Everyone is eligible.
  2. Pay what you can here. If you can’t afford the full price or even half price, pay what you can. No questions asked. We don’t want the cost to keep you from attending.
  3. Become a CfPA Member. You can join for just $10 per month and cancel at any time. We hope you’ll stay for a long time. Benefits include free or discounted admission to future events. Members can purchase tickets to SuperCrowd22 for just $75%
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10 Good Reasons to Attend SuperCrowd22

There are countless good reasons to join us for SuperCrowd22; here are just ten:

  1. Meet people like you. Every day you get up determined to make the world a little better. Wouldn’t it be great to increase your circle of friends who do the same thing!
  2. Learn from experts. The roster of speakers is nearly 100 people long, including the smartest people in the world of impact crowdfunding.
  3. Find entrepreneurs to back. At SuperCrowd22, you’ll hear live pitches from 10 entrepreneurs working to change the world. All have live offerings you can back during the event!
  4. Find investors for your company or nonprofit. You will have networking opportunities in several contexts over the two-day conference, giving you a chance to meet people who are actively investing via crowdfunding.
  5. Discover how to screen investments. Investing via crowdfunding is new for most people, but anyone can do it. Learn how you can pick good companies to back.
  6. Learn how to change the world. Impact investors have been honing their ability to drive change with investments for two decades. At SuperCrowd22, you’ll learn how to join them with investments as small as $100.
  7. Join your tribe. SuperCrowd22 is co-hosted by 24 nonprofit organizations and companies. Chances are good you either are a member of one already or would truly like to become one. What a great opportunity to check out great networks!
  8. Meet portal executives. A dozen FINRA-registered crowdfunding portal executives will participate in the conference, giving you an opportunity to meet and mingle with the folks closest to the action.
  9. Stay current on trends. Even if you are an expert on crowdfunding, there is nothing like attending an event of this sort to get the latest thinking from your peers.
  10. Celebrate diversity. SuperCrowd22 features speakers with a diverse array of experiences, backgrounds and opinions. Attending gives you an opportunity to support diversity in your community.

5 Bad Reasons Not to Attend SuperCrowd22

  1.  Can’t afford it. See three ways to get cheap tickets at the beginning of this post.
  2. Don’t have time. We plan to record all the prepared content at SuperCrowd22, so it will be available indefinitely to those who register in advance. Consume the content you want at your pace!
  3. Don’t want to change the world. We all love people who see the bright side! There is much to love in the world. We can all agree there are ways to make what you love even better! Come learn how you can help.
  4. Crowdfunding isn’t cool. Over $1.4 billion has been raised via regulation crowdfunding over the past several years. Increasingly, technology is bringing together opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to get exposure to everything. Crowdfunding valuations are roughly in line with early-stage deals funded elsewhere. This means you—and everyone else—can invest right alongside venture capitalists if you want. What’s cooler than that?
  5. Crowdfunding can’t stop climate change. Funding entrepreneurs working to reverse climate change is easy via crowdfunding. You’ll have an opportunity to hear from one company raising money to build self-driving EVs at SuperCrowd22.

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