Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dear members, friends and colleagues,

Unlike students “getting back to school” each fall, the best work of our association’s many volunteers tends to commence at the start of each new calendar following a frenetic year-end rush both professionally and personally. So, welcome back—I hope your 2018 was prosperous, and your holiday break inspirational and renewing.

Before outlining our goals for 2019, I need to first thank and congratulate all for a pivotal year that commenced with the necessary and successful recruitment of what many have confessed to me is an enviable assembly of alternative finance pioneers and thought leaders—over 34 remarkably generous board members, advisors and committee members, tripling all previous leadership. I am humbled to have gained your mindshare and commitment toward pursuing the CfPA’s noble mission. However, I emphasize “toward” because, as an organization, our ultimate fulfillment remains just over the horizon—we have much to accomplish.

Crowdfunding, as you all know, has matured into a popular and viable instrument for early stage venture financing, while at the same time easing regulatory restrictions has effectively bridged us into the more conventional funding landscape. As such, our constituency has grown exponentially, as have expectations and opportunities. Achieving our goals for the coming year relies primarily on our ability to efficiently harvest the many talents in our group while being respectful of each member’s generosity.

Among our many destinations this year, I hope to report by 2020 that we have successfully:

Challenged our diverse leadership to widen our reach and deepen our knowledge through focused and productive committees.
Earned a trustworthy reputation on The Hill by providing relevant and insightful guidance to and oversight of legislators and regulators.
Anchored the CfPA in service to the broader community by continuing to form meaningful alliances with institutions of higher learning, corporations, communities and foreign bodies in both government and trade.

While these goals may seem ambitious, I am more than confident that our collective is more than capable of delivering on the promise of a trade organization built by the people for the good of the people. I remain committed and at your service. To a brilliant year ahead…

My warmest regards,

Scott E. McIntyre



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7 Times Square c/o Brian Korn - 23rd Floor New York, NY 10036

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