Despite being around for years now, there’s still major confusion from issuers regarding the benefits and drawbacks of Regulation A (Reg.A), Regulation CF (Reg.CF), and Regulation D (Reg.D) crowdfunding offerings. What option is right for you? In this podcast, Mike Brette, the CEO and Founder of Small Cap Equity Advisors goes over why he believes Reg.A is the superior choice in most instances, plus provides advice as to what issuers should be doing (and what they shouldn’t be doing as well) in order to achieve a successful capital raise.


Reg.A, Reg.D, Reg.CF… What’s best for you and/or your company? And how much will it all cost you? Based on the reasons Mr. Brette provides in this podcast – both pro and con, he makes a strong case that regardless of the size of your raise, you should strongly consider the Reg.A option right from the start.

Restricted stock, “dead money”, valuation determination, accreditation of investors, liquidity issues, possible advertising constraints, total raise amount, the idea of taking a company public, and SEC-approved crowdfunding portals… Mike provides his take on each of these topics, with tangible real-world reasons to back up his opinions. Listen to this podcast to learn what he considers to be the three major reasons why so many issuers fail, plus what you can do to avoid the traps of failure. The tips for success provided in this podcast will certainly give you a better understanding of Reg.A, Reg.D, Reg.CF and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Time to learn from an industry leader!

If there’s one major point you can take away from this podcast, it’s this: just as real estate is all about location, location, location, crowdfunding all comes down to marketing, marketing, marketing – regardless of the option you chose!

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