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  • Sara Hanks
    Sara Hanks answered 6/6/2021

    Have there been any corporate lawsuits, class action or otherwise, against issuing companies from Reg CF investors? What is the likelihood of this occurring (if ever)? What about from Reg A+, Reg D investors - would that be more or less likely?

    I am aware of several lawsuits (including class actions) relating to the early Reg A offerings that listed on Nasdaq.

    As for Reg CF, there is a case of fraud being handled in bankruptcy court.

    Reg D: these cases are unfortunately quite common, both from investors and regulators.

    It's early days yet ... more

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  • Scott McIntyre
    Scott McIntyre answered 4/27/2021

    I clicked a link on LinkedIn and found you guys. I have a company that manufactures agricultural equipment specifically for hemp and Cannabis. I am interested in crowdfunding. We want to do a 5 Mill raise. we did 17 Mill in rev last year and have zero equity outstanding. where...

    Fabulous question, Cullen. However, without spelling out an entire path to landing investors course, I would direct you to any local VDO (venture devp org) like incubators or accelerators in your situation already matured. 

    As it concerns finding the "right" investor, well, your customers/suppl... more

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  • Brian Ross
    Brian Ross answered 4/18/2021

    How does InfraShares differ from other crowdfunding portals?

    InfraShares is the only Reg CF Funding Portal focused on raising capital for infrastructure projects.  We focus on working with developers of water, wastewater, renewable energy, transportation, and telecom projects to bring investment opportunities to unaccredited investors.

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  • Samson Williams
    Samson Williams answered 4/13/2021

    I am on a budget setting up my license crowd Funding portal with the FINRA/ SEC. I have completed everything and just need to send me finger print. is there a checklist for the thing i need to do so i can do everything properly and know my roadmap. also is it hard to change th

    "I'm on a budget setting up my license crowd Funding portal with the FINRA/ SEC." 

    It cost about $2M to set up a Crowdfunding Portal. I know that sticker price often shocks people so checkout this spreadsheet that doesn't make it any easier to accept but breaks down the expenses so you can see ... more

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  • Samson Williams
    Samson Williams answered 3/17/2021

    How will the increase in the Regulation CF limit to $5 million per year benefit issuers?


    Depends, how engaged are Issuers with their customers and communities?

    Raising the limit to $5M is great for issuers whose "overnight success" has been in the works for the past 10 years. Its hubris or naivete to think that strangers are just going to flock to your deal/offering simply becau... more

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  • Brian Christie
    Brian Christie answered 3/15/2021

    Will the increased limit in Regulation CF to $5 million have any impact on the venture capital industry?

    In the short run, probably not too much. In the longer term, I hope so. There's too much attention on #VCs and how they fuel innovators. Moving forward, at $5 million per raise (per YEAR), Reg CF crowdfunding is poised to fuel more start-ups, be more efficient, and be more founder-friendly than VC i... more

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  • Brian Belley
    Brian Belley answered 3/9/2021

    I'm very new to investments an startups. I'm behind on my updated progress with companies I've invested in through Republic. I just need to be pointed in the right direction to who could help me get up to speed with all 8 investments of mine? I'd appreciate the help greatly.

    Hi Derrick,

    If you invested on, you should be able to check your investments if you:

    1. Log in

    2. Hover over your click the drop-down in the top right

    3. Select "My Portfolio"

    4. You can then click on any of your investments to read updates.

    You can also hover over the lightning bolt nex... more

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  • Michael Sauvante
    Michael Sauvante answered 2/13/2021

    Is crowdfunding a possible way for economic development agencies to help their local businesses?


    However, if that were to be done one business at a time it would likely result in the same difficulties that individual small businesses (especially startups) would have. Liquidity (or lack thereof) in such an investment creates resistivity on the part of the investor public. 

    Instead... more

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