Are there any websites that display all live crowdfunding opportunities?

With all the different investment crowdfunding platforms out there, it seems difficult to find just one place to get information on all the available deals that are live.
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Brian Christie
Brian Christie  replied:

Yes, there are websites and companies that aggregate crowdfunding deals that are active (as well as other types of deals).

Some of these primary deal aggregators include:

1. KingsCrowd ("Trusted by over 475,000 investors to vet startup investments from 60+ online investment platforms")

2. ("Equity Crowdfunding, Donation Crowdfunding, NFTs, Alternative Assets")

3. Vincent ("exempt reporting adviser in the alternative investment space")

4. CrowdLustro ("Reg CF, Collectibles, Real Estate, NFTs, & other alternative assets")

5. ("alternative assets" -- more than just crowdfunding)

6. Sharky - ("Discover startups like a pro!")

7. Investibule - ("Investibule opens the door to community investments - aggregating opportunities across 30+ platforms.")

For those looking for deals outside the US, there are other aggregators (e.g. CrowdInvest - "Invest in promising start-ups in India from the UK"). As with any service provider, it's important to verify information listed on these sites with information on the site of the funding portal or provided by the issuer. 

Adam Gower
Adam Gower  replied:

And if you are interested in real estate crowdfunding, we are the only platform that offers comprehensive coverage of investment opportunities in that industry -

We distribute an industry update every Wednesday that covers all new deals, a summary of all new advertised real estate syndications, and a summary (taken directly from the SEC) of all the week's latest real estate filings - both crowdfunded and otherwise.