Anonymous asked Computershare , 1/19/2018 ( 1 comment )

How can Computershare help if I'm raising money using Reg A+?

Computershare replied:

Computershare can help with your Reg A+ capital raise in many different ways. For one, it is mandated by the JOBS Act legislation that issuers who raise capital under Reg A+ must engage an SEC-registered transfer agent like Computershare. Beyond helping you meet that criteria, we can:

- Advise you at an early stage on the compliance, governance and shareholder relations aspect of a Reg A raise

- Help you identify other strategic partners such as attorneys, bankers, marketing firms or investor relations firms that can help make your Reg A raise as successful as possible.

- Take on your cap table/share registry and make sure it is fully compliant and in good order pre-raise

- Issue shares post-raise in book entry or certificate, and give shareholders the ability to review their holdings on the web

- Provide shareholders with self-service tools to  make address changes, vote proxies, replace uncashed dividend checks, and more

- Provide you with web-based tools to review information about your company's share issuance

- Sponsor an application with the DTC to make your securities DTCC eligible. Doing this will enhance the ability for secondary market liquidity and allow investors to deposit shares into their brokerage account. In most cases, shareholders in record name can sell their shares via our Issuer Online website if the issue is DRS/DTC eligible.

- Support your company’s future growth as you increase in market cap or pursue an IPO

Feel free to contact Pat Tracey at for additional information on how Computershare can support your Reg A+ capital raise.