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Private companies have more opportunity than ever to raise capital. However, having investors adds an additional layer of administration when it comes to managing your cap table, tracking your investors’ holdings and communicating with them regularly.

As a registered transfer agent, Computershare has built a strong business providing secure recordkeeping and communication services for thousands of companies and millions of investors. Partner with us and you’ll get the personal attention you need from our dedicated, responsive private markets team. 


Susan Provenzano

Marketing Director



Partnering with us will enable you to:

Stay focused.

We manage your cap table and investor records so that you don’t have to.

Enjoy personalized service.

Your private markets team has the expertise to provide tailored solutions to serve your needs, supported by the full resources of our organization.

Stay on budget.

Our flexible and cost-effective fee structure is designed with your growing company in mind.

Be confident.

You will have access to the same systems and best practices that satisfy the risk management and data security teams of Fortune 100 companies.

Meet your growing needs.

As your company grows, we can support mergers and acquisitions, DTC eligibility, initial public offering (IPO) services or employee equity plan administration.

Keep your investor data secure.

Data security, privacy and business continuity are our top priorities, so you can be confident that your company and investor information is in good hands.

Founded in Melbourne in 1978, Computershare entered the U.S. market in 2001 with the acquisition of Harris Bank in Chicago, and has since grown into the world's foremost transfer agent and investor services provider. Computershare became a publicly trad??ed company (ASX: CPU) in 1994 with an initial market value of $25 million, growing over the years to today's market value of nearly $6 billion. We have consistently grown and expanded by entering new markets through strategic acquisitions? and development of our core businesses. Now operating in more than 20 countries with 16,000 employees, our growth has been focused on providing opportunities for companies to attract, engage and manage their diverse stakeholder bases -- individual and institutional investors, members, employees and customers -- wherever they are in the world.



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