Anonymous asked Computershare , 8/23/2018 ( 1 comment )

Compliance is a hassle. In addition to handling registered agent needs, can Computershare alleviate administrative burdens.?

Computershare replied:

The short answer is, yes! Computershare offers its clients a wide range of tools and services designed to do just that. For example, our transfer agency customers rely on us to properly and securely manage their investor records, transactions, payments and communications. If a company would prefer a more ‘hands-on’ approach, we offer user-friendly self-administration software for cap table and equity plan administration that makes the in-house work much more manageable. We also offer tools and services that simplify processes around entity management, board administration and financial print. And when companies work with Computershare for multiple services, they also alleviate the administrative burdens that come with vendor management. Visit us at to learn more.