Where should I incorporate a benefit corporation?

When setting up a business entity in the past, I've typically just registered an LLC in my state as I haven't intended to raise equity. One exception where I did raise money, I incorporated a C-Corp in Delaware. I was quite unhappy with my experience registering and maintaining an entity there. I hired a well-respected agent to help me and felt I got jerked around more than supported. I am considering a crowdfunding raise for a social enterprise. If I want to form a benefit corporation and raise money via Reg CF, where do you recommend I register? Delaware or my home state of Florida? Elsewhere?

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Devin Thorpe
Devin Thorpe  replied:

@Brian Belley, @Jenny Kassan and @Sara Hanks, I wonder if you have thoughts about where to incorporate a benefit corp.

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Jenny Kassan
Jenny Kassan  replied:

I do recommend forming a benefit corp in Delaware.  Delaware is very easy to work with and the statute is less onerous than in other states.  You do need to make sure to register as a foreign corp in the state where your headquarters are.

Devin Thorpe
Devin Thorpe  replied:

Thank you so much! I value your advice.