Blockchain SmartTech

Sean Murphy
Washington, DC

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) provide a revolutionary new way for companies to interact with customers, vendors, and industry stakeholders. As you consider how to use these technologies to outpace your competition, to streamline or automate existing operations, or to defend against upstarts seeking to disintermediate your business, you might benefit from hiring an outside team of specialists.

We are your early innovation  partner – from strategic formulation to rapid deployment and testing of your blockchain or DLT project. 


Blockchain SmartTech deploys leading practices in design thinking, lean start-up, and agile software development combined with an acute understanding of the impact of government regulation to serve as your rapid deployment team and to help you assess or deploy blockchain pilots or feasibility projects. We help established companies in highly regulated industries as well as those considering a new line of business or existing business spin-off.

Limited Scope:  Our engagements are time and scope limited, typically lasting six months or less. We’re there to help you test an important business and technology thesis or to lay the groundwork for something bigger, and not to permanently embed ourselves within your organization.

Practical Innovators:  We think outside the box when appropriate but within the constraints of your greater operating environment. When necessary, we can bring in legal or regulatory experts to fine tune a project.

Rapid Deployment to a Blockchain MVP:  We use rapid prototyping and deployment to quickly get you to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of the good when deploying your DLT or blockchain pilot.

Privacy and Security:  We understand the importance of operating with privacy and security on a project that could one day become your company’s competitive advantage.


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