Anonymous asked Assurely , 3/22/2023 ( 1 comment )

How can Assurely be a partner to the crowdfunding platforms that support companies raising capital?

Assurely replied:

Assurely’s TigerMark Directors and Officers Insurance is the leading insurance product for companies raising capital using the internet and the Partners that support them. As a company, our primary goal is to benefit all stakeholders within the crowdfunding industry, including investors, Issuers, and Partners.

We partner with crowdfunding portals, lawyers, broker-dealers, issuance platforms, LegalTech platforms, cap table management, accountants/CPAs, and capital raising advisors. As a result of our partnerships, we are able to provide our shared customers with a better, more innovative product that offers crucial features specific to the crowdfunding industry along with crucial protection for our partners.

Partnering with us has the following specific benefits:

-  Partners can be automatically insured when an Issuer secures a TigerMark policy, this means Partners can be automatically added to the coverage to enhance risk mitigation; similar to when a landlord requests a tenant to be added as an additional insured on the tenant’s renters policy. (By formalizing a Partnership agreement, partners can increase margin with agreed upon referral compensation.)

-   Customers are better served when Partners are involved, companies that are purchasing TigerMark insurance coverage can receive up to a 50% discount. Plus, most persons want to purchase insurance through a non-insurance native service provider vs. calling up “the insurance people”.

-   Investors have more confidence. It is proven that a symbol of trust + insurance is required to win over risk-averse users on online capital raising platforms. 

Worth mentioning, Assurely is not a “one trick pony”. Assurely is a licensed retail and wholesale brokerage firm in all 50 states. What does this mean? We are able to service and manage all commercial insurance products such as Cyber Liability, Professional Liability, Crime Insurance, Workers Comp, General Liability, etc. 

PS - Partners can receive referral compensation on all insurance purchased by their clients through Assurely.

If you’re looking to partner, and better serve your clients, we’re excited to hear from you! You can schedule a call with us here