Your customers are you business' biggest influencers, not "Influencers". 

"Most influencers couldn't get their dog to sit."

Darren Marble, CEO of Crush Capital. 

The great thing about customers is that Customers are Humans and Humans rarely change. Yes, behaviors, expectations and even language adapt and evolve but at the end of the day, Human Customers all want pretty much the same thing, predictability. When you walk into your favorite store, restaurant or barbershop it's your favorite because you know exactly what you're going to get. The food is predictably delicious. The products predictably great or in some instances just predictably "okay" and you know that. You knew that going in hence why you're there. Especially when it comes to comfort foods. Yes, you know they're "bad" for you. But when you're in need of a bit of culinary nostalgia, a particular smell or taste that takes you back in time, to a place where an emotion or memory lives, you beeline straight to that spot where the outcome of your transaction is so predictable you don't even have to think about it. And in that predictability, its not just food that brings you comfort, but consistency. Human Customers love predictable, consistent outcomes. 

Customers > Influencers 

At this juncture you're not wondering what this has to do with customers being your business' biggest influencers but instead are thinking about this time, at your favorite spot, with you best friend, mom, dad or the one that got away....So sorry to interrupt your fond memory. But now that you're thinking about an experience you had, that is directly related to a product you were using/enjoying (Quick, who has the best ice cream in the world and why is it Blue Bell?) your Customer Experiences memories brings us to the point of this article. 

Every last one of your favorite products you have was recommended to you by someone you love. Every single one. 

In the rare, 1 in a Billion times that you discover, by yourself, the greatest product in the known world (sweat pants, CBD oils, honey, teas, ice cream, SaaS software, bike, golf club, cook book, shoes, tool set, car/truck, baby bottle, etc...we could go on forever) what is the first thing you do? You tell your friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, random strangers who you're besties with on Twitter, about it. 


  1. Best taco truck in Houston, Texas? Loz Lokoz Takoz. 14519 Walters Rd, Houston, TX 77014. No website. Don't bother to call ahead. Every order takes 30 minutes. There will be a line. Tacos are 5 Star amazing! 
  2. Best Pakistani food in Dubai? Karachi Grill. Jumeirah Street, Opp. Masgouf London. Get the avocado smoothie, with honey. You will realize your taste buds have been lied to your entire life. 
  3. Best IP Lawyer - Dean Tonya Evans.  
  4. Best Trademark Lawyer - Michelle Burgess.
  5. Best All Around Law Firm - 
  6. Greatest brand of shoes - Cole Haan. 
  7. Greatest airline - Emirates 

Apparently all I do is eat delicious food around the globe and talk to lawyers. But you get the jest of the message. When your customers love your good product or service, they do what all Humans do, they tell their friends about it. Humans love sharing good news, great news and gossip. Do you know what happens when you get your Customers gossiping about how great your product is? Lower customer acquisition cost, increased sales, shit loads of free marketing, warm referrals, extra orders (Loz Lokoz Takoz green sauce is not for the faint of heart. It burns so good), and the holy grail of marketing: word of mouth sales. So....

Do you need an Influencer to help your business?


Do you need to obsess over your customer's experience and happiness so much that you go viral with them? 



If you're reading this you're probably thinking about launching a crowdinvesting campaign. Great. As you prepare realize that the purpose of launching an investment crowdfunding campaign isn't to raise money. Why launch a crowdinvesting campaign then? Yes, it is so that the crowd can invest in your business but more importantly its for the following 6 reasons: 

  1. Recruiting customers is the #1 point of launching a crowdfunding campaign, followed by: 
  2. Increasing sales revenue.
  3. Creating lifelong brand loyalty
  4. Reducing CAC due to word of mouth
  5. Supercharing organic growth
  6. The number six reason is, maybe, to raise capital. 

All of those things are possible because your customers are your business' biggest influencers. When you engage your customers as investors and turn them into #Investomers, guess what CAN happen when you have 5k or 20k investomers on your captable? You COULD have an army of influencers who will generate $Ms of dollars of free marketing for your business, which in turns generates sales, revenue, increases your profitability by driving down your marketing and advertising cost.

Ultimately, the question is, how are you engaging your Human Customers to share how great your business is, so that your customers can be your business' biggest influencers?  That and, who has the best pizza on the planet? I'm hungry. 


Samson Williams

Investor into and 

@HustleFundBaby on social 


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