Morning Beautiful People! 

This is the TL;DR version of the obvious when it comes to Founder's raising capital: 

  1. The majority of Founders are raising funds to literally grow their business. A significant portion of this growth can be measured by the Founder's acquiring, remodeling or expanding their physical business footprint; e.g. buying a new building, remodeling, engaging in tenant improvements or expanding an existing office space.  
  2. Hence why such a significant portion of funds raised go to a General Contractor, to pay for literally expanding Founder’s business’ office/retail space. 

Working with MattBeth Construction (DISCLAIMER - The owner of MattBeth Construction is my brother Matthias Williams and for the last 17 years I've been MattBeth's CFO. Along that journey I learned the #1 thing that anyone in the construction business should be aware of. Your actual business isn't construction. Its finance. Hence why since 2016 I've been a crowdfunding advocate, pioneering new and innovative approaches to the nexus of where I can help Founder's who need capital access pay for remodeling, construction and tenant improvements. So please be aware, this isn’t altruism. Its just stating the simple fact that if you’re looking to grow your business, by using investment crowdfunding, a good chunk of that is going to go to a General Contractor. I’d like MattBeth Construction to be your GC. Not only for your first $150k dollar crowdfunding campaign to move into and remodel your very first retail or office space but for your entire journey as you grow and scale; expanding to 500 locations Nation wide.) 

Actually thats it. Thats the entire article. The disclaimer is the strategy and entire reason that the real power of crowdfunding isn’t B2C but Founder to Vendor. 

For more information on how MattBeth Construction is laying the groundwork for helping Founders and Issuers literally expand and grow their business email Good luck! And looking forward to helping Founders grow and expand their business. 

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