I'll be presenting on Thursday some really interesting stats on how millennials are the driving force for Impact Investing.

A new study from Fidelity Charitable shows how millennials are leading the way in participating in impact investing, as it’s an effective avenue to align their values with their financial choices. For them, impact investing is just as much pride of ownership as it is about influencing positive change. 

Some of their key findings:

  • Millennials will continue driving the adoption of impact investing as they come to control more wealth. Already, 61% are utilizing values-based investing strategies
  • In addition to the personal fulfillment that comes from aligning their investments with their values, 62% of Millennials believe that impact investing has greater potential than traditional forms of philanthropy to create long-term positive change.
  • Values-based investing is beginning to catch on more broadly. While only 1/3 of all investors engage in impact investing currently, 40% of non-participating investors will consider making their first impact investment in the coming year.

As investing and wealth management enters the 'retirement boom' era - it's going to be very interesting to see how generational differences in investing (for both public and private markets) will evolve with the times.

It's clear that values-based investing is here to stay, and we're only just scratching the surface. However; across all generations, investors are looking to expand their impact allocations in the next year—and others could get started for the first time.

Join me at SuperCrowd on Thursday, September 15th to discuss the trends and predictions for the future of the industry.


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