At 3PM ET / noon PT tomorrow, I'll be presenting a session at SuperCrowd22 on "Doing Good and Doing Well - How to pick impact investment opportunities".

I'll be sharing my own 5-step process for investing in exciting and impactful companies online. We'll also be reviewing some key stats about the online impact investing startup ecosystem in 2022 (which has already raised $78.2 million from nearly 50,000 individuals). 

This is easily the most impressive collection of impact investing and online startup investing experts and professionals all converging in one place for this event. 

I'll also be on a panel while a number of impactful startups pitch in front of a live (virtual) audience on Friday. Don't miss it!

You can see the detailed SuperCrowd22 agenda here.

Still need a ticket? Use coupon code "cfpamembers" at checkout on the page here to save $124 off your ticket!

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Devin Thorpe Devin Thorpe 9/15/2022

Thank you so much!