How to raise your first $107k in investments - The beauty of RegCF Investment Crowdfunding

The first dollar is always the hardest. Whether you’re trying to earn it, generate revenue or raise it. It all starts with Dollar One. And, knowing that you're a busy Founder, CEO or CFO so I’ll save you a long read and just let you know the following 3 facts: 

  1. It costs you sweat, creativity and drive to raise your company’s first $107k using RegCF.
  2. After the first $107k, it will cost you about 10% of your goal to try and raise your desired amount. Most of that goes towards marketing.
  3. If you hit your $107k, you can amend your filing and continue to raise money just like these Founders did: 

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to this interview with Jim Higdon, Chief Communications Officer of CornBreadHemp to learn more about how Cornbread Hemp used RegCF to raise their first $107k and accept more investors as they went on to raise $492k. 

As always, consult with a qualified attorney or crowdfunding consulting to determine your unique investment crowdfunding needs. For more information on JOBS Act investment and equity crowdfunding and the latest SEC updates that enable startups and businesses to raise up to $5M under RegCF in 2021, join the Crowdfunding Professional Association ( today. 


About Samson Williams 

Samson is President of the Crowdfunding Professional Association, Aerospace Advisor at, an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University in NYC and the University of New Hampshire School of Law and cohost of The Space Economy Show. For more information on Samson visit and follow him on social at @HustleFundBaby. 


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