You Can Be an Among the First to Invest in The Super Crowd, Inc.

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Brian Christie CEO, Brainsy
Posted on 4/27/2023 4:58:53 PM

Below I am re-posting what Devin Thorpe has already posted on LinkedIn.


You Can Be an Among the First to Invest in The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation, my new impact-focused business that hosts crowdfunding conferences to support #SocialEntrepreneurs and #DiverseFounders to build #CommunityCapital.

Last year, I hosted and organized a conference about investment crowdfunding called SuperCrowd22. It was a huge success. It was also a test that proved we could make this into a business.

In December, I formed a public benefit corporation, The Super Crowd, Inc., to own and operate the conference business. We are now raising funds via Crowdfund Main Street.

Will you invest? Please allow me to make the case:

In the US, about 100,000 people invested in impact businesses, including all the companies working on cleantech, education, building community and virtually anything else that has the potential to make a positive change in the world. Because that assessment is a bit subjective, the number certainly isn’t exact.

That’s a lot of people. It would fill the largest stadium in the country.

The problem with that number is that it should be about 100 times larger. About 250 million adults can legally invest for impact via crowdfunding. My goal is to help the number of people who do so grow to 10 million investors in ten years.

To be clear, TSCI and I cannot do this alone. We won’t own the entire community—at best, only a fraction of it. But, we can play a role in accelerating the growth through strategic, ongoing, enthusiastic collaboration with industry players and the broader impact community.

Our crowdfunding campaign is designed to deepen collaboration by more fully aligning the interests of our strategic partners. The more we align interests with a vision for growing the impact crowdfunding space, the more rapidly we can do it.

Our business model is focused on bringing large groups of people together to merit sponsor support.

In 2022, we hosted one virtual conference.

In 2023, we’ll host a larger virtual conference and plan to host three local popup events across the country. We’ll also begin hosting periodic 60 to 90-minute sessions later this year and plan to continue those in the future.

By 2027, we plan to host more than 25 local popup conferences, plus our big annual online event. As our community grows, we anticipate that we can extend the revenue and profitability by both increasing the revenue and profit of each event and by hosting more events.
By building a solid team, we can continue to grow without limitation.

To be clear, we can’t guarantee financial results.

To learn more visit

Thank you for your consideration. Remember, I can’t guarantee results.
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Devin Thorpe wrote:

@Brian Christie, thanks for posting this! You're a great friend and colleague!