SuperCrowd22 Pitch Session

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Devin Thorpe Champion of Social Good, The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation,
Posted on 9/21/2022 10:58:36 AM

NC3 SuperCrowd22 Impact Crowdfunding Live
The point of SuperCrowd22 is to catalyze investments in social enterprises and businesses led by underserved communities, including women and minorities. The National Coalition for Community Capital, NC3, hosted the live pitch session to do just that.

All of the companies that presented had live crowdfunding campaigns on Friday. One has since ended, but you can still invest in the other nine. Check them out! You can watch the four-hour recording below (feel free to skip around or speed up the playback).

Watch the pitch session here

The ten companies that pitched were:

  1. Pitch Aeronautics
  2. Design To Build
  3. Bison Venture Partners
  4. Green Island EV Co.
  5. Formulation Compounding Center
  6. Kado Inc
  7. Plenty Goods LLC
  8. Wicked BOLD Chocolate
  9. Inc
  10. Aqua Equity

Click the links embedded in the names to view their offerings on their respective crowdfunding portals.

The world’s problems weren’t all solved by SuperCrowd22, so we’ll keep plugging away until they are. Join us in the conversation.