Great Roster of Speakers Forming for SuperCrowd23

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Devin Thorpe Champion of Social Good, The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation,
Posted on 1/5/2023 9:58:47 PM

We've got almost 30 speakers already committed to speaking at SuperCrowd23 on May 10-11.  What a great roster!

Andrew Connor
Andrew Stephenson
Bill Huston
Brad Bertoch
Brian Belley
Brian P. Christie
Brian Korn
Chip Hauss
Christopher Miller
Devin Thorpe
George Cook
George Pullen
Jackie Logan
James Wagoner, PE
Jenny Kassan
John Panaccione
JohnMatthew Douglas
Kathleen Minogue
Mark Hubbard
Matt Warnock
Miah Shull Olmsted
Michelle Thimesch
Mona DeFrawi
Peter Rostovsky
Samson Williams
Sheeza Shah
Stephanie Geller
Steven Cinelli
Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss

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Brian Christie wrote:

Great roster of 30 for 23!

Is there a date by which the speaker list will be "locked down"?



Devin Thorpe wrote:
We'll probably finalize the roster in May.
David Duccini wrote:

Our ATS will be operation by then and happy to discuss recent research out of EU that shows a high positive correlation between companies raising 150-300% MORE funds in their initial rounds who declare intentions to be listed on a secondary market -- see attached!

Attachment: SecondaryMarketsCrowdfunding.pdf (829.8 KB)
Devin Thorpe wrote:
That's going to be a great topic for you to discuss!