Continuing the Work and Fun of SuperCrowd22

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Devin Thorpe Champion of Social Good, The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation,
Posted on 9/21/2022 10:51:41 AM

Last week’s SuperCrowd22 represents a beginning rather than an end. We had 250 people attend the event, bringing together some of the greatest minds in social impact. The event culminated with the live pitch session; I’ll share the recording below.

One SuperCrowd22 moment stood out for me above all the rest. After a breakout discussion session with four different simultaneous groups participating, we reconvened briefly. I asked, not quite rhetorically, if anyone had learned anything of value during the past hour.

The first person to respond was Kevin Doyle Jones, the founder of SoCap, the largest conference for impact investing and social entrepreneurship. He said he’d learned a lot in the session and was grateful for it.

That Kevin could learn something at SuperCrowd22 surprised me a bit. What’s more, Kevin, together with colleague Steven Lawrence, had led the session. In other words, the teacher was saying he’d learned from the students.

That epitomizes what should happen at any conference. Experts should come prepared to learn as much as share. In that spirit, everyone leaves better equipped. I’m committing to applying that principle.

To ensure that SuperCrowd22 is a beginning rather than an end, we’ll continue the discussion in three places.

  1. Superpowers for Good
  2. Linkedin
  3. CfPA Ecosystem (here)

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