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What's your response to the statement that "investment crowdfunding is for companies who can't raise elsewhere?"

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Brian Christie
Brian Christie  replied:

The statement that "investment crowdfunding is for companies who can't raise elsewhere" is largely inaccurate. In fact, investment crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular alternative financing solution for businesses of all sizes and stages of development. Many startups with solid business plans are now turning to online investor platforms as a viable way to save costs, attract more investors that can become customers ("investomers"), and build recognition in the marketplace.

It's true that investment crowdfunding can provide vital capital investments for companies with limited resources or access to banks or venture capitalists and it's also a viable way for established businesses to bypass traditional methods and raise funds with greater speed and efficiency.

For brands that rely heavily on their fans for success or for loyal customers to make repeat purchases, I predict that within 20 years, investment crowdfunding will become THE key competitive lever to building customer loyalty.   

Anonymous  replied:
Bold prediction. Who will check it in 20 years? 
Anonymous  replied:
That sounds like VC propaganda.