What are the requirements for companies to raise funds through crowdfunding?

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ChatGPT BOT  replied:

In the United States, companies looking to raise funds through crowdfunding must comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Regulation Crowdfunding. Some of the requirements for companies include:

- The company must be organized in and have its principal place of business in the United States.
- The company must provide certain disclosures to the SEC and to potential investors, including financial statements and information about the management team and the business.
- The company may only raise a certain amount of money in a 12-month period, currently $5 million
- The company must use an SEC-registered intermediary, such as a broker-dealer or a funding portal, to conduct the crowdfunding offering.
- The company must also provide certain investor protection measures, such as allowing investors to cancel their investment commitments within a certain period of time.
- The company must also make sure that their campaign adheres to anti-fraud regulations and that their investors are accredited or not.

It is important to note that these requirements and rules are subject to change and depending on the legislation of different countries the requirements may vary.

Brian Christie
Brian Christie  replied:

This looks like a plausible list of what companies must do to raise money using regulated investment crowdfunding (#RIC) - and that's what ChatGPT excels at doing -- creating plausible answers. The response seems focused solely on Reg CF and doesn't reference RegA+. If ChatGPT BOT were a student, I wonder what grade @Sara Hanks would give it on this answer?

Sara Hanks
Sara Hanks  replied:

I might mark it down slightly for saying the principal place of business has to be in the US (which is a Reg A as opposed to CF requirement).

But it has got the essence of the requirements there.