What are the most common ways that crowdfunding issuers can get in trouble with the SEC?

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Sara Hanks
Sara Hanks  replied:

The SEC has been relatively lenient with crowdfunding issuers (as opposed to crowdfunding intermediaries), possibly so as not to stifle this emerging industry, so as yet there is not really a "most common" way to get in trouble.

They have brought a series of actions against companies raising under Regulation A for failures to comply with the very technical requirements relating to how Reg A offerings are modified, extended or expanded. They have also brought actions against Reg A issuers for misleading statements.

However, I am not aware of Reg CF issuers getting into the same sort of trouble, even though I have seen significant violations of the various ways they can get into trouble (companies not eligible to use Reg CF, companies failing to extend or expand offerings in compliance with Reg CF, companies making misleading statements, companies violating the Reg CF communications rules). I have heard anecdotally of the SEC warning issuers that they should get advice from a securities lawyer, though.