How would you define impact crowdfunding?

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Devin Thorpe
Devin Thorpe  replied:

Great question!

Impact crowdfunding is what is happening at the intersection of investment crowdfunding and impact investing.

As you know, investment crowdfunding was authorized by the bipartisan 2012 JOBS Act. It was initially implemented in 2016 with a $1 million cap, which was increased to $5 million last year. The space is mushrooming quickly.

Impact investing is less well known to our community but is a bigger global phenomenon dominated by wealthy families and institutions. They invest money for a financial return and a social mission. For instance, a venture capitalist backing Tesla in the early days would describe herself as an impact investor. She got a huge financial return and radically accelerated a transition to electric vehicles.

Investment crowdfunding allows for impact investing in the crowdfunding space. I call that impact crowdfunding.

SuperCrowd22 is a conference we're holding on September 15-16, 2022, to help everyone learn more about the space, both from an investor standpoint and from a social entrepreneur standpoint.

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Jackie Logan
Jackie Logan  replied:

Hi all, 
A great question and one that Raise Green is dedicated to!

We are an SEC registered and FINRA member crowdfunding portal dedicated to impact investing largely in the climate action space.  For too long, individuals have not had the opportunity to invest directly in solar and energy efficiency projects, EV and battery storage, and related companies — and many investment opportunities are clouded with greenwash concerns — meanwhile there are companies that need investment that will make a real impact with their projects and services.

Now for as little as $100, just about anyone can select investments that speak to them for their impact on social and climate, while having the opportunity to earn a financial return. 

Our goal is to ultimately provide verifiable impact investment opportunities to accelerate the race to attack climate change and social action. 

We invite anyone interested to jump on to our site, click "Invest" that will navigate you to the Marketplace and review the current and past offerings to see examples. 

We truly believe at Raise Green that in order to have the impact on climate that needs to happen, we need to give everyone an opportunity to participate. Join us on the journey. 

Thank you for your interest in impact! 


Chief Investment Officer at Raise Green