Anonymous asked Dealmaker , 10/25/2022 ( 1 comment )

When i login to dealmaker , it doesn’t show any active/live companies to invest. Currently it shows only one company that invested. Am I missing something? Or is it by design that we always need to start from the startup company website. As deal maker is very popu, i am suspecting that i might be missing something while accessing the website.

Dealmaker replied:

Hi - thanks so much for reaching out!  We are not a 'Marketplace' where investors can shop - so that's why you don't see a variety of deals. Our SaaS is a white-labeled platform that allows a brand to raise capital on their own site - similar to how Shopify provides an eCommerce solution to brands.  Our clients' deals can be found on many 'deal aggregators' and newsletters such as Kingscrowd, but depending on the jurisdiction and deal type, some deals are not open to all retail investors like the other early/seed stage deals you see on Wefunder and StartEngine. Hopefully that helps!