What does Regulation A crowdfunding, SPACs, OTC listings, Investment Portals, going public, stock, warrants, and expert marketing all have in common? Water! And specifically “Water on Demand”. On this podcast, Origin Clear’s CEO Riggs Eckleberry goes over how his “Philanthro Investing” is providing some very interesting investment deals all built around a product that everyone needs every single day just to survive.


The secret to successful crowdfunding is to build a community of loyal customers that will not only become investors into your company, but also serve as a quasi sales force through their evangelism of your product. However, that is NOT an easy task. Listen to Riggs on this podcast as he navigates how he is accomplishing this through expert and unique marketing, and then how he’s utilizing his marketing strategies to acquire both accredited and non-accredited investors. (and the reason for doing so)

What is the vehicle he’s using for these non-accredited investors? Regulation A crowdfunding. Mr. Eckelberry also takes you through the many hurdles and entities he’s created for his “Water On Demand” concept, including the use of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), crowdfunding portals such as Start Engine, his use of the “Testing the Waters” option in crowdfunding, and much, much more – all of which are available (or soon to be available) for investment for you, the everyday investor who most likely understands water as a product. Riggs’ company is now making water as a service as well! He’s even got a celebrity endorsement from a one-time “Shark Tank” shark!

Now the “Jobs Act” even applies to the water industry! Are you going to take action on this opportunity? I’ll drink to that!

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