Dear members of CfPA community,

What you see above is a screenshot from the pre-release draft of our system for entrepreneurs that want to go through the crowdfunding process.

We'd love to hear your feedback on it & the data sheet below, with a list of tasks involved in the Equity Crowdfunding Process. Would you be open to scheduling a time to speak to us and share your thoughts?

We'd love to hear your thoughts about & chat about potentially working together - here's the Calendly link to meet. During the call I'll show you the database. Will gladly hear your thoughts about how to make the tool better.





CEO & Co-Founder of RaiseWay

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Brian Christie Brian Christie 4/29/2023

This is a great idea and will help entrepreneurs understand the key considerations needed to evaluate whether or not crowdfunding is a good fit.

Your platform will also help demystify the overall process and therefore, make crowdfunding available to larger segments of the population. 

I'd encourage you to keep the ecosystem community updated on your developments and progress.  

Brian Belley Brian Belley 4/29/2023

I'm curious, can you share more about the different "phases"? It looks like there is "Discover Crowdfunding" and "Plan Campaign" - are there other phases for the entrepreneur? 

I like that it looks like you can invite other team members. I think that will be important as there are often many different aspects that have to come together - financial reviews/audits, digital marketing, platform relations, etc. 

I don't know if you have this capability as part of the "Plan" phase, but I could also see a shared launch calendar as something that could be of potential value. For example - if the plan is to engage with a platform, file the Form C by X date, then when are different emails going to be sent, campaign updates going to be posted, etc. You might not need to build that out in the app, but something to facilitate the planning around a higher-level schedule for a diverse team could help during execution of the raise.

It'd also be really useful I imagine if you could eventually have integrations with whatever platform they are raising on to pull in that info into a campaign progress dashboard in the same tool for Raiseway where you are managing everything else. e.g. How much did you raise over the past 7 days, where is the investment traffic coming from, how are each of your different outreach channels performing, etc.