OK, You’ve created a successful brand. What’s next? How do you differentiate brand equity with brand value? In this podcast, Howard Lim, the CEO of "How Creative” goes over the steps you need to take and things you need to do to build that all-important equity value so you can grab more market share with “instant recall”, thereby making it easier for your potential customers to remember you. (and think of your company first when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision).


You’re at Point A and you want to get to Point B with your business: What do you do? You listen to Howard Lim! As mentioned on a previous podcast, “How Creative” is a disrupter and creator of company’s brands in a variety of different industries, designing companies from the inside out and the outside in. In this podcast, not only will you understand the difference between brand equity and brand value, but you’ll also see why media strategy, consistent touch-points, and the ability to pivot is so important, and why you don’t have to be a big-budget company to be successful in the branding arena.

How do you increase the value of your business. For starters, you need to create a strong story, and make that story clearly and consistently associated with your business. But how? What media channels should you use to get your message across? How do you properly communicate to people what you stand for and what your core values are so you can increase that business value of yours? And what happens when your strategy and moves don’t produce the desired results?

All this and more is addressed in this podcast. Put Howard’s 35 years of experience to work and request an initial assessment of your company. Remember, a strong business makes a strong crowdfunding target.

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