Crowdfunding definitely is not easy, but many companies have already proven that it’s certainly worthwhile when done properly. However, startup companies sometimes feel they’re left in limbo with no resources at their disposal. Listen to our latest Mapable USA podcast where Manuj Grover from Public Yield Capital and Kevin Morris from Atlas Road explain how to build a brand and turn your loyal customers into investors to help your company grow, regardless of your size. It’s all about building a community and having an excellent customer service and an overall experienced team to help facilitate the process.


Are you a startup company wondering if the crowdfunding space is for you? Well, we have good news! The crowdfunding industry is maturing and as such, a larger number of quality deals are out there. But how do they start and what steps should business owners follow for success? How can companies solve the first challenge of crowdfunding: getting your investor to sign the check?

When you listen to Mr. Grover on this podcast, you’ll understand all about investor marketing, investor outreach, investor community, and investor technologies. His company, Public Yield Capital, is an investor outreach platform enabling startups and public companies to reach and engage with a high volume of investors for capital-raising through Regulation A+ and other equity crowdfunding opportunities. Then Mr. Morris explains how his company helps founders raise money through equity crowdfunding as well by guiding these founders and executives on the right path to raising capital online, including Regulation A, Regulation CF, private placements, or any other crowdfunding vehicle.

Is it easy? No. Can you do it? Absolutely yes! (As long as you find the right experts in the industry with a proven track record of knowledge, experience, and of course real-world success.) We’re not talking theory here either. Both Manuj and Kevin back up everything they mention on the show. Remember: Without action, nothing happens, so get started now on your crowdfunding efforts, even if you’re a startup!

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Bill Huston Bill Huston Feb 6

As regulated investment crowdfunding becomes more mainstream, it is vital to find the right industry experts with a proven track record. Real-world experience is important for founders coming into the space. Providing education before reaching the platform will reduce the time to market for founders and small businesses and help the industry grow and increase success rates.