Overcoming Common Challenges When Moving from Wall Street to Main Street

Chandan Saha Event Technology Manager, The Super Crowd, Inc.
Posted on 6/19/2024 12:56:08 PM

Angela Barbash of Revalue Is Featured Today at the Monthly SuperCrowdHour Webinar—Don't Miss It

Live YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOGsms6oeNY

Today, at 1:00 Eastern, Angela Barbash will be our SuperCrowdHour webinar expert. She is a financial planner who helps people move their financial assets from traditional places to local investments. Today, she’ll tackle “Overcoming Challenges When Moving from Wall Street to Main Street.

You can watch the webinar right here in the YouTube video player above or join us in Zoom. We track attendance in Zoom and reward those who attend ten times with a $100 reimbursement for a crowdfund investment. Those participating via Zoom can also ask Angela questions! Join us there to claim your reward.

Angela Barbash

Angela is a mom, anthropologist, entrepreneur, and an unabashed challenger of the status quo. She has dedicated 20 years in service as a values-driven investment advisor in the Metro Detroit region, including founding Revalue as a values-driven investment firm in 2013, and was one of the first to obtain the Chartered Sustainable Responsible Impact Investing Counselor (CSRIC) designation in the U.S. Angela has contributed countless hours to field building, public education, and infrastructure development to help build a more empathetic finance industry. You will often find her educating on the topics of financial resiliency, community capital, and conscious business management.

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