Changes at Superpowers for Good

Chandan Saha Event Technology Manager, The Super Crowd, Inc.
Posted on 2/9/2024 2:32:55 AM

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Eleven years ago, I launched what I now call the Superpowers for Good show. It has always been a video-enabled show. Starting about 1,000 episodes ago (truly), we began distributing the show as a podcast. Just 50 episodes ago, we began distributing the show via television.

Since we moved the show to Substack in 2021, I’ve been sharing a Wednesday post with some of my thoughts about social impact. These include monthly posts about the Impact Cherub Club and occasional random posts, including one about my first ride in a self-driving car on the streets of San Francisco. This is such a post.

Last fall, we started sharing a list of new crowdfund offerings each week on Monday. Chandan Saha prepares the list for us. He looks at all the new campaigns listed with the SEC for impact in four categories: social impact, women founders, minority founders and LGBTQ founders. (The last of those is the shortest; some weeks, there are no new listings.)

Chandan also prepares a weekly digest that goes out on Saturdays. Chandan’s Monday and Saturday posts are the most popular, which suggests we were wise to create them. I’m grateful for the work he does and the value he adds to the community.

Since we started distributing content via Substack, we’ve adjusted the protocols for sharing it a few times. We’re making a few adjustments now and want to give you a little heads-up.

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