Building Wealth and Empowering Black Founders: The 10K Project's Mission

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Posted on 5/5/2023 3:31:46 PM

An Interview with Tawana Rivers:

CEO Tawana Rivers Shares the Power of Investment Crowdfunding for the Black Community

This article is a must-read for anyone interested in empowering the Black community financially. It sheds light on the challenges faced by Black Americans in building wealth, including historical and systemic barriers such as discriminatory policies and practices. But don't despair - the author offers practical solutions to address these issues, including increasing financial literacy, supporting Black-owned businesses, and investing in Black-led initiatives. The article also features inspiring examples of successful Black entrepreneurs and organizations that are making a positive impact. Reading this article will leave you feeling motivated to take action and make a difference in creating a more equitable society.

Tawana will speak at SuperCrowd23, joining a panel discussion on investing like a professional. Andrew Savikas of Yieldtalk will moderate the panel. Dan Devlin of Doriot, Eric Cox of Netcapital and author Karen Rands will complete the roster. 

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