SuperCrowd23 is almost here!

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Posted on 5/8/2023 6:55:57 PM
SuperCrowd23 is almost here!
The event will be sponsored by DealMaker, Dalmore and Assurely and their financial support makes SuperCrowd23 possible. Supporting co-hosts include EGS, Ridgecrest Herbals, Crowdfund Main Street, SMBX, Halyard Compliance, The Local Crowd, Rise Up Crowdfunding, Brainsy and Crowdfund Capital Advisors.  
SC23 will be giving away 12 $100 microgrants at SuperCrowd23.
SC23 will present SuperCrowd23 Impact Crowdfunder of the Year Awards to Aptera and World Tree.
A detailed agenda for SuperCrowd23 is here: It is incredible!  
Graphics supporting and promoting the event through amazing content here. Please share.
For newsletters or blog promotions, there is a great assortment of articles you can borrow from if you'd like to help promote the event. Here's the list.
See you at SuperCrowd!